My Designer Handbag Collection & The Story Behind Each Bag

15 May |

I bought my first designer handbag with my tax return from my first “big girl” job when I was 23. I had worked really hard that year and was excited to spend my tax return on something that I would love forever. Fast forward 7 years, where I still appreciate setting money aside to save for something designer.

Since that first purchase (Louis Vuitton Palermo GM), I have become smarter with where I buy my designer goods. I think only three or so of my bags have been bought brand new and the rest are all from resale or designer sourced companies. A few pieces from my collection are from eBay! Chris actually surprised me with the Louis Vuitton Metis Pochette for my 30th Birthday and the only place online that he could find it was eBay. You can read more about that bag HERE.

eBay recently had a sale on select designer items that were 20% OFF. During this time, I purchased a Louis Vuitton Makeup Case that I had been eyeing. eBay has an authentication program that their designer bags go through so you know you are getting the real deal. I had peace of mind when making that purchase knowing that it was verified authentic.

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Givenchy handbags and wallets
Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Givenchy handbags and princetown mules on closet shelf
collection of designer handbags on shelf from california closets
fashion blogger loverly grey with collection of designer handbags in custom walk in closet
fashion blogger loverly grey with collection of designer handbags in custom walk in closet
collection of designer handbags louis vuitton, gucci, givenchy, Chanel

I thought it would be fun to list out the bags from my collection and tell you the meaning behind them:

Louis Vuitton handbags

Girolata Magnolia – I love this print of Louis and love that It came in pink even more! Those things mixed with a slim bucket bag style felt like a match made in heaven! 

Pochette Metis – Chris scoured eBay for months before my 30th birthday because It was sold out everywhere. He finally found It in almost perfect condition and surprised me with It for my birthday! 

Trousse Toilette 23 Pouch – This was an eBay find I couldn’t pass up! Occasionally they will offer discounts on designer items and that’s how I got this one! 

Iris Compact Wallet – I got this as a souvenir when I was in London. Oddly enough, the London airport has a Louis Vuitton store so while I was conveniently waiting for a flight, I snatched this up. It was a really special trip and every time I use this wallet It reminds me of It!

Turenne MM – Another souvenir type of gift was this style. We got in on our honeymoon in Italy and it’s another constant reminder of how sweet of a trip that was! 

Gucci bags

Soho Bag – I wanted a camel colored, casual crossbody and love the simplicity of this one. I got It in Charleston during fashion week, which is one of my favorite cities. 

GG Marmont Medium Shoulder Bag – Chris got me this one as a Christmas gift this past year! 

Black Princetown Mules – Not technically a handbag, but these were a souvenir from our girls trip last Christmas! I kept seeing them everywhere and you can’t go wrong with a classic black pair of flats! They add chic to even a tee.

Chloe, Chanel, YSL & Givenchy

Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag – Motty Grey – I loved this bag when I borrowed It for NYFW one year. So much so that I bought the tan version. I found myself only wearing It in the Fall and I knew I would wear the grey more. I ended up selling my other one and using the money to buy this one while in NYC last Spring

Chanel Double Flap – This has always been THE bag. It Is the perfect formal bag and is such a classic! They’ve been making them for a long time, so it’s always easy to find a classic like this! 

YSL WOC Nude – I found this one on a girls trip to NYC and knew It would make the perfect plus one to weddings or formal events. It has never let me down and Is used ALL the time! 

Givenchy Antigona in Blue: I loved this bag for a long time and thought the blue was stunning. I found myself not carrying It as much because even without anything in It, it’s really heavy! I will likely be selling this one soon, which luckily I can do on eBay!

If you are looking to add a designer piece to your collection or to start your collection, I would suggest checking out the options on eBay! I’m going to link several bags I love that are currently available on eBay below. If you get any of these, please message me so I can see!

Happy Shopping!

Today’s post is sponsored by eBay. As always, all opinions are my own!

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  1. I am so envious of your beautifully, organized closet!! Thank you for sharing your purchases. I never knew about the authenticated luxury handbags section on eBay. Great info.

  2. The universe is speaking to me. I am manifesting myself owning my first LV purse. I do want the experience of going to the store and purchasing mine. I think afterwards I might look on eBay. Thanks for sharing!! I love how you mentioned you budget for them. I love following you. You’re so cute!!

  3. While I’m all for a bargain, I’ve read so many articles online about fakes on fashionphile, fakes on eBay authenticated, etc. because the authenticators and so called experts make human mistakes and really great fakes slip by them. Both Louis Vuitton and Chanel recommended against every purchasing from there. Chanel just started they recently bought back hundreds(!!!) of fakes from online that were claimed “verified authenticity” by reputable sites. Makes me nervous though some of the deals can be tempting. Just got the Métis Pochette off waitlist at LV, inspired by you and a couple other bloggers! It’s a beautiful bag.