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How did you get started blogging?

Loverly Grey began in 2016 when I was working at my corporate job. I would go shopping at lunch looking for a great deals. My co-workers kept saying I should share these finds online. I decided to give it a shot! After a year of posting consistently and serving my audience I went full-time and left my corporate job behind. The rest is history!!!

Where do you live?

I live in my hometown of Athens, Georgia! Go DAWGS!

What are some of your favorite retailers to shop?

You can usually find me at: Target,Nordstrom, Abercrombie, Express, Loft, Old Navy, H&M, Anthropologie, and Lululemon. Some of my favorite online shopping retailers include: Amazon, Red Dress, Soma, and ASOS.

What are some of your favorite restaurants in Athens?

One of my favorite date nights is going to out eat and enjoying good food. Some of my favorite places in Athens include: Last resort, Chucks, South Kitchen, Five and Ten, and Mama’s Boy for breakfast! If you’re wanting a FULL GUIDE to Athens, check out THIS podcast episode!

Guilty pleasures?

If you’ve been following along for a while you know that I love anything S’mores flavored. I mean, S’mores coffee creamer, S’mores cookies, if it’s S’mores flavored chances are I’ll love it! Another guilty pleasure of mine is designer handbags. While I don’t typically invest in a designer shoe, a designer handbag is something I can get behind. I love that it can instantly elevate a look and it’s something you’ll use everyday!

Do you have a list of your discount codes somewhere?

As an avid sale shopper myself, you know I’ve got you covered! You can find a full list of discount codes HERE!

Do you rent your beach house?

Yes!! When we bought the Isn’t She Loverly Beach House, our goal was to have a place that we could make memories in as a family, but also allow you to do the same with yours! For more information and to check availability click here.

Is there a photographer you recommend for the Rosemary area?

Yes! We recently got our family portraits back and they were stunning! Heather Clark takes our photos and does an amazing job. You can follow her on Instagram @heatherclarkphoto

Where do you get your hair done, and what do you ask for?

My got- hair gal is Suzanne at Intrigue Salon in Marietta, GA.! I ask for a blunt bob. Currently, I get partial highlights done.

How do you curl your hair?

I recently recorded a tutorial breaking down the details of how I style my hair. Check it out HERE. In this post you’ll also find a complete step-by-step process of weekly hair care routine and all products that I use!

Botox and Filler?

Yes and yes!! I currently have both (and LOVE it)! I get Dysport in my forehead, 11’s, and crows feet. I recently got filler in my lips and the results were amazing. I see Kalen Ashford, at Ashford Aesthetics in Athens, Ga. You can follow her on Instagram @the_cosmeticpa. If you’re wanting to hear Kalen chat about botox and filler, check out THIS episode of the Life with Loverly podcast!
I believe you should do whatever makes you feel beautiful!!

Do you have a skincare routine?

You bet I do! Over the years I’ve tried out my fair share of skincare products. It wasn’t until I saw Kalen Ashford that I finally got a customized plan for my skin. Check out THIS POST for all the details of my daily skincare routine.