How Loverly Grey Curls Her Short Hair Tutorial

13 May |

I am so excited to bring you an updated hair tutorial of my weekly routine for my hair and how I curl my short hair!


Typically I wash my hair twice a week. I usually blow dry it and wear it straight that first day that I wash it. Then the next day I use a thin headband and scrunchie to hold my hair back so that it doesn’t get wet. Sometimes it ends up a little damp so I’ll take the blow dryer to it for a few minutes until it’s dry. Next, I spray Living Proof dry shampoo on the roots and let it sit. Then I’ll go ahead and curl my hair using my Bio Ionic straightener!


When I curl my hair it’s usually day two hair and has more texture to it. This allows the curls to hold better. First you’ll want to section off the top layer of your hair using an alligator clip. I start with the bottom layer first. The smaller the section of hair that you curl, the tighter the curl will come out. Keep in mind the curl will be pretty tight at first, but it will relax into more of a wave.

You will run the straightener through your hair twisting away from your face as you go! I avoid curling the ends, leaving them straight. If at the end there are pieces that are curled towards the ends, I’ll touch that up by running the straightener over it. This is what helps get that beach wave look!

It usually takes me 6-7 minutes to curl my whole head. If you’re wanting a beach style wave to your hair, I find that I usually get this on day 3 hair. Thanks to my amazing Slip silk pillowcase, I don’t usually touch up the curls on day 3 unless they are very flat. I do add a little dry shampoo as needed.

Once you’re done curling your hair, use two alligator clips to hold your hair back on the sides while you put your makeup on. This allows your curls to set before you put hair spray in and toss your hair by loosely running your fingers through your hair.


I always get a blunt style bob cut with no layers. Lately, we’ve been doing partial highlights. My natural color is a dirty blonde, so we like to brighten it up a bit, especially in the summer! I go every six weeks to keep the length and color up.


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