Hair Tutorial – My Daily Hair Routine

19 January |

Hair Tutorial -

FINALLY!! Y’all have been asking for the longest time for a hair tutorial from me. I’m so happy to share that it’s finally live!!

The tutorial consists of how I dry my hair each day and how I straighten my hair. I do a few very specific things when I’m drying my hair to create the swoop of my bangs. Then same with the way I use the flat iron. I will walk you through this whole process in today’s video.

The video is a little lengthy because there is a ton of information I wanted to share. I plan to film shorter videos of each part in the future. For the first one I figured, go big or go home!

All the products that I use are linked below the video!

A HUGE thank you to the Hotel at Avalon for allowing us to use their Presidential Suite to film this video. Some of you may know that I will be moving in February. Our house is a mess so filming at home wasn’t our best option. The Hotel at Avalon let us film this prior to their Grand Opening and I hope you love the behind the scenes of the suite we include. You can find more information about the Hotel at Avalon here.

Thank you so much for watching!! I would love to know what videos you want to see next!! Happy Friday friends!

Looking for other tutorials to watch? I’ve previously filmed an eye shadow tutorial. You can find that video here!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Your hair is what made me notice your Instagram! I can’t wait to try some of these products!

  2. You are my favorite fashion blogger! You keep things simple and inexpensive and I love that about you! Would you mind linking the brush as well?!