Updated Hair Tutorial – How I Curl My Hair

7 February |

Hi Friends! We wanted to share an updated hair tutorial with you all. We shared one a few months ago here, and at the time Brittany had a whole three days of experience with curling her hair that way. I mean in the middle of the video we realized the curling iron was turned off a few curls in…good times. But the people were begging for It so we did an amateur version.

For a good laugh, here is the link to the first hair tutorial!

For reference, my hair is pretty thick and hits right at my shoulders. I ask my stylist for a shaggy bob and I’ve been growing out my bangs so they are a bit shorter than the rest of my length.

So now that she’s a pro, here’s the real thing!

Products in order of appearance:

The Oaui – Dry Shampoo Foam

Best Hairdryer EVER, dries your hair so fast.

Alligator Clip

Curling Iron

Triple Sec

Grey Floral Robe \\ Another Robe Option – I have both and love them equally. They would be great for Bridesmaid gifts!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. And also let us know what other videos you would like to see!


Brittany + Anna

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