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16 April |

As much as I love a good sale, I also love investing in designer pieces. I love the process that goes into buying a designer piece for me. I save up for a certain amount of time after I have my eyes set on a new piece. Once I know what I’m saving for, I start searching for secondhand retailers that might carry the exact piece. Insert eBay. Did you know eBay has several designer pieces that all goes through a thorough authentication process? Not only are they verifying the designer item, you can more often than not find the pieces at a better price and over 90% of their inventory is brand new!

Last year I turned 30. I had my eyes set on the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis. Of course the exact bag I wanted was sold out everywhere. Literally everywhere. This didn’t stop Chris. He loves to shop on eBay for golf clubs and other golf related items. So he figured he would check eBay for the bag I’d been talking about nonstop after having no such luck anywhere else. To his surprise, he found the exact bag I wanted that was brand new with tags. WHAT!! I was so shocked when I opened his gift to me on my birthday. I had already come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be seeing the Metis anytime soon.

Of course I started questioning how he got so lucky to find and buy the bag I’d been swooning over. His big secret – he bought it on eBay! He said the timing was perfect. He started a search, found a seller, saw that the bag was verified authentic, ran the purchase by Anna (you know, for a second set of eyes from someone who knows her ish when it comes to shopping designer) and BAM – purchased! He even contacted the seller and requested overnight shipping to get it in time for my big day.

Although he admits he was a little stressed during the process, he attributes all his luck to eBay. He always talks about how easy it is to shop their site so thanks to them he was able to find a piece that was perfect for my birthday – he truly is the BEST!

One point I’m taking away from this is that you always need to start by looking on eBay! From Gucci loafers to Louis Vuitton bags they have it all! Sometimes I browse their designer section for inspiration on what I want my next piece to be. I work really hard and like to treat myself from time to time, especially when I know that I’m going to get a great piece at a great price!

Have you ever shopped on eBay? It’s thrilling to find a good deal! Let me know the best item you’ve purchased!!

Today’s post is sponsored by eBay. As always, all opinions are my own!

Photos by KVC Photography

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