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31 October |


I’m excited to team up with eBay to bring you a few of my fall athleisure favorites. You know, the hard to find items or the items you want to find at a better deal than what you see in a department store, yep those items! Shopping on eBay can be really easy and oddly satisfying when you find something good! I’m going to share a few of my favorite items that you can get on eBay right now plus give you a few tips on how to best shop their site.

One of my go-to items to search on eBay this time of year are Patagonia pullovers and jackets. Chris and I both have a vast collection of Patagonia and I’ve been lucky enough to find a few for each of us on eBay. eBay is also a great spot to look for athletic wear. I’ve purchased several pairs of running shoes or hard to find styles that I’ve had my eye on. If there is a pair of shoes you are loving from a different retailer, but they are sold out of your size, try searching on eBay. Plus, I bet you didn’t know that 80% of the items sold on eBay are new!


This Patagonia re-tool snap-t for her, for example is available brand new. They have several easy filters on the left side of the screen that you can filter your search to be exactly what you are looking for if it’s really specific. If you only want new items, check that box. If you only want the option to “buy it now”, check that box. If you only want to see the pink results, open up the colors and check pink. It’s super easy!

With the holidays coming up and with the guarantee that some items will be hard to find, make sure that you are utilizing eBay’s searching tools and website to find the gifts you need. One of the first Christmases that Chris and I were together, I bought him a Patagonia re-tool snap-t pullover from eBay and he had no idea where it was from because it was brand new with the tags. Little did he know that I got it for a better price than all the stores were offering.

Everything pictured in today’s post can be purchased on eBay! I’m going to link all of the items from a few different sellers in the scrolling bar below.


One other section of eBay that I’m new to is the DEALS section. They run several deals here that change daily. I would keep this part of their website in mind if you are looking for a gift for someone who has everything. You never know what kind of cool deal might come up! I hope this post is helpful and I would love to know if you have any additional questions about eBay and how to shop their site!

Today’s blog post is sponsored by eBay! As always, all opinions are my own.

Photos by KVC Photography

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