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30 August |


Have you thought to shop on eBay recently? It’s the perfect place to shop if you are looking for a specific trend or item. I used to shop eBay all the time in college. I bought all my designer jeans and hard to find watches on eBay. Now, my husband shops eBay religiously for golf clubs and accessories! He has started to sell a few clubs on eBay too and was just telling me how much he loves shopping with them.

Today I’m sharing a few items I’ve recently found on eBay. Jeans from the 90’s are coming back and I’m sure you have started to see all things 90’s in stores and magazines. I mean Target is carrying caboodles again! After hearing my husband talk so highly of eBay, I decided to give the search engine a whirl to see what I could find! You can literally search for anything and everything!

If you type “high rise wide leg cropped jeans” in the search bar. You will find some really great options! I’m crushing on this olive pair and also love the pockets on this pair. You can filter your search by several different criteria and always suggest looking for something that is new with tags to start.


I also use eBay for hard to find items like this pair of scalloped heels or my gucci belt. You can easily search by brand or description to find your item. The updates to eBay since I first started using their site in college is amazing! You feel like you are shopping from a store instead of an online marketplace.

If there is a 90’s trend you are loving or something you want to bring back from the 90’s like hair scrunchies, bright wind breakers (you should see the matching ones we had growing up) or silk midi dresses, I would definitely give eBay a shot! You never know what you might find when searching their site.

Today’s blog post is sponsored by eBay. As always, all opinions are my own!

Photos by KVC Photography

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