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11 February |

Maternity Dress \\ Anorak Jacket \\ Booties \\ Purse \\ Sunglasses \\ Necklace \\ Watch

Here is a roundup of my maternity favorites! I tried to wear non maternity clothing for as long as possible but eventually did make the switch to maternity clothes. I started wearing maternity denim pretty early on as they were the most comfortable for me. Listen to your body and remember that you are growing a human. Do and wear what makes you feel the most comfortable in this amazing time!

I’ve broken down everything by categories below. These are all pieces that I have and loved during my pregnancy. I’m also going to link my favorite retailers that I shopped at most for maternity clothes. There are several retailers that also carry maternity clothes so just searching around on your favorite retailer’s website might yield good results!


I wore a ton of dresses during my pregnancy. Anything that was stretchy is perfect for a growing belly. I really loved the Leith Bodycon dresses and started wearing those early on. I wore my regular size throughout my pregnancy. You could size up just for some extra room as it did get tight in there toward the end. I also really liked the maternity bodycon dresses from PinkBlush. I layered sweaters over these dresses all the time. Linking all my favorites here:


I loved maternity jeans from Loft, PinkBlush and A Pea in A Pod. I only tried one pair of black jeans from Asos and really like those as well!


My favorite maternity leggings are from Nordstrom, by Zella. They are good for working out or for everyday wear. I also wore Spanx Maternity leggings and liked those as well.


I didn’t wear a ton of maternity t-shirts and mostly just sized up in the casual shirts I wore most. I loved the v-neck tees from J.Crew Factory. I wore a size medium throughout my pregnancy in that tee. So sizing up one or two sizes is what I would recommend.

Belly Bands:

I bought two belly bands and wore them occasionally if I wanted to wear non maternity pants. I actually have worn them a few times postpartum as I’m not back into my pre-pregnancy jeans and being able to wear the pants unbuttoned with the band has been a life saver.


I bought one maternity tank from Walmart and wore it to layer a good bit. It’s a thinner material and was nice for layering under sweaters! I also worn camis from LOFT. They have maternity options but I just sized up one in their regular camis and that worked for me. I have recently purchased nursing tanks and would have probable started to wear those for layering during pregnancy if I would have had them.

Workout Favorites:

I did a big workout post in January that lists out several maternity workout pieces. I would check Gap and Old Navy for maternity leggings, shorts and workout tops.


Pretty much anything with a good amount of stretch will work in your favor. I didn’t ever wear maternity underwear and honestly don’t even know if that exists. I did wear boyfriend undies from Aerie and LOVE them. They have also been great for postpartum when I’m not wearing my depends underwear (you will bleed a lot after the baby so it’s either thick pads or depends). I also really liked wearing Spanx thongs as they were really stretchy and sat nicely under my belly.


I didn’t start wearing nursing bras until after Collins was born but know several people who wore them during pregnancy. I wore wireless bras from Gap. That’s what I’ve been wearing for the last few years and just sized up as needed when I was pregnant.


I loved this pair of lounge pants from A Pea in A Pod. I have them in both grey and black and still wear them. Anything with a bellyband that comes over the belly is what was most comfy for me. Linking a few other favorites below.


I used Burt’s Bees Mama Butter to help prevent stretch marks.


My pregnancy pillow was one of the BEST gifts I received! I really didn’t have trouble sleeping because I started using this pillow at about 14 weeks. It was a game changer. Chris even admitted sleeping with it when I was out of town so you know it’s good when your husband tries to steal it!

Compression Socks:

Chris gave me a few pairs of compression socks in my stocking at Christmas and honestly I wish I would have started wearing them sooner. The nerve pain in my legs wasn’t terribly intense but sometimes it was enough to keep me up for a little while at night. If you are experiencing any nerve/leg pain, I would order this pair asap!

Prenatal Vitamins + Supplements:

I took Women’s One a Day Prenatal Vitamins. I also had killer heartburn and took Zantac (check with your doctor first) and tums.

Favorite Places to Shop:

I shopped at Asos, PinkBlush, Old Navy, Gap, LOFT, Nordstrom and A Pea in A Pod for most all of my maternity finds.

As far as beauty products are concerned, a lot of my products stayed the same. I mostly use Beautycounter products and aside from the chemical peel, everything is safe to use during pregnancy. Every doctor is different but when It comes to self tanner, gel nails, hair coloring, etc. I would just recommend asking your doctor what they see best fit for you and your baby!

I hope this list of items helps you as you are expecting a new addition. I’m happy to answer any questions or if you see something missing, please let me know!

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  1. Love this post!
    I am a first-time mom due in July and I can’t stand the majority of maternity clothes I find so thank you for providing super cute options!!