6 Months Pregnant – Bump Update

15 October |

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It’s weird to say that I’m six months pregnant. I’ve been keeping up with the duration of this pregnancy by weeks so when someone asks me how many months along I am, I have to stop and think about it. Six months seems like forever long! I figured this was a good time to give you guys a bump update. At the end of this post, I’ll be sharing a few other bloggers that I follow that are also all pregnant. We figured it would be fun to share  a few others who are pregnant so you can follow along with their journeys as well.

Over the last two weeks I’ve started having a lot of indigestion. So Tums have become my best friend. I’ve never really had much indigestion before this so it was a very interested feeling to get used to. And unfortunately pretty much everything I eat and drink gives me this feeling. So additional remedies for this are welcome!

She has been moving like crazy! I love the moments throughout the day when she is wiggling around in my belly. This feeling is truly like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I was with family over the weekend and they were all able to feel her move too. Seeing the excitement in their eyes when she moved under their hands almost put tears in mine each time.

If you have made it to this part of your pregnancy without a pregnancy pillow then I commend you. But I am thankful that a month ago, my sister in law and brother gifted me with the most amazing sleeping pillow ever. It’s been a lifesaver and has allowed me to continue with good sleep. I’ll probably catch some heat from Chris on this one but when I was gone last week, he admitted to using it while I was away and said he loved it. In his defense, he has back problems and sleeps with a pillow between his legs at night so this was basically just a better version of what he already does. I’ll put the link for the pillow here.


We have been clearing out the room that will be her nursery but that’s about all I’ve done as far as getting ready for her arrival (insert the hands over eyes monkey emoji here). When we moved into this house, we were in the process of trying to get pregnant so thankfully we didn’t add much to the room we wanted as a future nursery. It mostly became an easy storage space so now that it’s cleaned out, we can start looking at furniture and figure out which wall to wallpaper. Which speaking of, why is wallpaper so expensive?! Holy cow!! I’ve been looking at a few beautiful floral prints and need to make a decision soon.

As far as her furniture, deciding on a crib is hard! I think we will do all white furniture and I really like this crib and this crib so far. We will more than likely stick with greys and pinks for her color palette with soft color additions in the wallpaper. At what month did you complete your little one’s nursery?! Help!!

I had a moment over the weekend where I kind of freaked out about how much we have left to do in the next 3-4 months until she arrives. We need to do birthing classes, interview pediatricians, tour the hospital, schedule maternity photos, start her nursery, complete her nursery, and really the list goes on and on. So if you are in this season with me and you haven’t figured this stuff out yet, I think it’s going to be okay. At least that’s what I keep hearing. Also, if you thought I would be someone who would have all their “ish” together at this point in my pregnancy, I’m here to tell you that that is so far from the truth. I’m taking it one day at a time and I’m loving every moment of it.


Before I introduce my other pregnant blogger friends, I wanted to share a few of my favorite pregnancy items with y’all that have helped me get to this point. Lately, I’ve been loving my spanx leggings that are maternity. They are a little pricey but they are worth every penny. I also just got this pair of faux leather front leggings in the mail from target and have loved them. They will be easy to dress up or wear casually and are under $40. I’ve been using Burt’s bees mama bee body butter to moisturize and prevent stretch marks and that’s been amazing. And then of course, my pillow again! I promise this is the best thing I’ve received for me so far!

On to my girls…


First up is Mara from M loves MMara is currently pregnant with her second little one. She is based in Southern California and has the most beautiful, girly and chic feel to her blog. Read more about her pregnancy journey here.



Jenn from Mrs Casual. She is expecting Baby #2 in January! She kills the casual fashion game and I know you will all love her! Read more about her pregnancy journey here.



Shannon from Itsy Bitsy Indulgences. She is expecting baby #2! They just announced so this is a very exciting time! So excited to be on this journey with her right now! Read more about her pregnancy here.



Olivia from Livvy Land Blog. She is expecting her first baby, a boy! I love Olivia’s Instagram and think you will too! She is someone I have followed from the beginning and can’t wait to see her become a mama. Read more about her journey here.



Daryl-Ann from Something Beautiful. Daryl-Ann is a few weeks ahead of me expecting her first, a boy! So excited to enter motherhood with her! She has great style and I can’t wait to meet her sweet little boy. Read more about her journey here.



And last, but definitely not least is Lydia from Jetting Jewels. Lydia is almost due with baby #2! She is beautiful and has dressed her bump to a “T” this entire pregnancy! Can’t wait to meet her sweet little one! Read more about her journey here.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. We have an ultrasound this week so I can’t wait to see how much Collins has grown. I’ll be sharing our IVF journey later this week so if you are in that season of life and need some encouragement, stay tuned!

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  1. Can’t wait to hear about your IVF journey! I have two daughters who are IVF babies and love when others share. Thanks for being so open. It’s so important and inspiring for others going through that too.

  2. I used the same Burt’s Bees Mama Belly butter and then also would put the Burt’s Bees mama belly oil (smells SO good if you like lemon) right on top of the lotion… did this morning and night and made it through two pregnancies with no stretch marks!

  3. Also 30 weeks and have done nothing 🙁 haven’t even bought a crib dresser or anything yet! I am very stressed as well. This is my first and I’m opting out of birthing classes ????????‍♀️ I’m a nurse and saw it here and there and to me that’s enough can’t say the same for my husband though! Ha

  4. I love following your blog and am very excited for you and your pregnancy! I highly recommend drinking some apple cider vinegar diluted with water to help with indigestion. This has helped me a ton! Also, I am 35 weeks and am still finalizing the nursery so don’t stress too much. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!!

  5. I love your style!! I have been following you for a few months!
    I just want to say that I have 2 kids under 5, and in reality all you need when your baby comes is a safe place for her to sleep and diapers and onsies! Just know that if completing the nursery is stressing you out, remember that she wont care whether the wall paper is up or not lol. Enjoy every second of it, even with indigestion! hahaha
    I loved being pregnant, aches and all!

  6. First, congratulations on your little girl! I feel you with the heartburn! I have an almost-3-years-old little boy and am currently 22 weeks pregnant (with twins!) My husband is an OBGYN and insists I take Pepcid so I’m not miserable – it’s safe in pregnancy. Also, we have yet to do anything to the nursery – I remember feeling like I needed to get everything ready with Carter, and now…well, it’ll be fine 🙂

  7. Hi Brittany! I love your blog. I am pregnant with my first child which is a girl as well. I am now 8 months pregnant. I am suffering from indigestion. It has actually gotten worst into this 3rd trimester. I started with Tums but I asked my physician if I could take Zantac as well. My physician cleared me for Zantac with smallest dosage. My next thing that assisted me was to eat smaller meals. I try to eat before 7pm. Anything fried, made with red sauce or Alfredo sauce is a no go with pregnancy and inflames the indigestion. Drink plenty of water when you can. These things have really helped me. I’m expected to deliver my daughter Dec. 13th, 2018.
    I have not started working on my nursery yet so don’t feel like you are alone in that regard. I wish you the best throughout your pregnancy!

  8. I’m a little over 30 weeks and we haven’t done much in the nursery yet either besides putting wallpaper up and changing out the light fixture! So you have plenty of time (or so i hear!!) I’m hoping to start next week after we have the carpets clean! I’m due in December with our first thanks to IVF (after many IUI and fertility treatments!) and can’t wait!!

  9. I remember being pregnant and it was such an exciting moment in life. So much anticipation mixed with uncertainty. As mom to a now 7.5 year old (I still can’t believe it’s been 8+ years since I was pregnant!) the only advice I can give you is to not worry too much because everything always works out. If you can (if you’re interested because some moms aren’t and that’s ok) you should get a 4D ultrasound. I decided to get one done when I was about 7 months along and it was absolutely incredible to be able to see my daughter’s face while she was still in my belly! Before she was born we already knew that she had her dad’s nose. It was really special and, quite frankly, pretty incredible to see how far technology has come. Anyway, I always recommend it because for us it was pretty magical. You’re almost there, mama! Enjoy these next few months!


  10. Hi! Congrats on 6 months! Ever milestone during pregnancy seems so huge and is truly something to celebrated. I am a recent follower and have loved following along your pregnancy journey. I am a *new* mom with a 7 month old and surprise… another one on the way! So they will be 12 months apart????????‍♀️ Haha! 19 weeks pregnant with a 7month old is quite fun!
    Anyways, I too had/have indegestion with my pregnancies and my doctor recommended an acid reducer and it was a huge lifesaver! There are different brands but I’ve just used the Target brand that is called acid reducer. I highly recommend it!
    Another thing… I too was overwhelmed with choosing a pediatrician but found one that I love in Roswell. I live in your area and would recommend Roswell Pediatrics. They have multiple locations including Alpharetta. I go to the location in Crabapple and love the cute decor for kids and the doctors are great! They also have a ‘sick’ side and ‘well’ side in there waiting rooms which is so comforting when your in for all your check ups and you don’t want to expose your baby to sick children.
    Sorry for the long comment but just wanted to say hi and give you my recommendations! Thanks for sharing your life and journey!

  11. 6 months down! You’re doing great. Don’t worry about all the stuff on the to-do list- it all gets done somehow! We finished our nursery when I was 6 or 7 months pregnant and our son (4 months old now) has yet to sleep in his room, although we are finally using his crib for naps. So all the worry was a bit for nothing- you have time!

    Try Zantac twice a day for the heartburn. If you’re not into taking medicine, you can try apple cider vinegar but I couldn’t stomach it when i was pregnant! The old wives tale is that if you have bad heartburn that the baby will have a lot of hair… it was true for me!