VLOG // How We Met & 2018 Year In Review

15 February |

We wanted to bring a mini series with some more behind the scenes looks at Loverly Grey! In the future, this might look like a day in the life, more travel recaps and maybe even some blogging tips! We thought the best place to start is with how we met and what our 2018 looked like. The video below will tell you the story of how exactly we became a team and what our learning curves were last year.

 Just for fun, here are a few photos that sum up our year pretty perfectly:

DEC & JAN: First day @ Loverly Grey, Birdie being…Birdie, a fancy Gala and our first photoshoot together! 

FEB & MARCH: The beginning of @birdieandbanks and Charleston Fashion Week 

APRIL & MAY: Atlanta Apparel Show and New York! 

June & July: Veuve Polo Classic and Vero Beach 

August: Let’s be honest…#NSALE we have no photographic proof that this month even happened.

September & October: NYFW and Asheville! 

November: Baby Collins prep officially began!

December: Christmas in New York and the LG Christmas party!

January: Announcing the newest member of Team LG: Collins! 

It was such a fun year for Team Loverly Grey and with what 2019 already holds, we know it’s about to get SO much better. We are SO incredibly grateful for each one of you that chooses to follow along with our shenanigans on a daily basis. We love you for your support, sweet messages and we know that we wouldn’t be able to do anything with YOU! So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

For our next VLOG, let us know what you want to see next! We have a few things up our sleeves but would love to hear from you as well! Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. You guys are fantastic! Absolutely love keeping up with the vlog and everything that goes along with it. There’s such a brightness to what you guys do and share and it’s honestly so uplifting for my day. Inspiring, no doubt!
    Thanks for sharing your passions and talents?

  2. I smiled all the way through this video!! Thanks so much for sharing a part of who you are and what you do. We love seeing it!! ?

  3. Hi friends…okay, I will try to be short and stay on point but just know that is not one of my strongest attributes.
    I just watched your video and purposefully saved it for my end of day treat (with a libation ’cause I can).
    I first became “addicted” ( I mean that in a good way) to LG when B. did try-ons @ the Nordstrom anniversary sale a few years back. I then increased my “addiction” (remember it’s a good addiction) when B. began Loft try-ons.
    In fact, I introduced the staff @ a Cincy Loft to YOU! I do love to gab about you. So in the world of chatter, I can honestly say…. long time viewer, first time commentator. Fast forward to actually meeting you two gals @ We-Work in Atlanta @ a LTK event. I arrived quite excitedly from Cincinnati, Ohio with my daughter and sure wished I had brought you chick-fil-a or Starbucks as you two are always digging into those treats. I honestly can say watching your video, you are in my living room…it’s like a talk show but not. Only thing missing is a Chick-fil-a or Starbucks. You two are like peanut butter and jelly…. a good blend. It is quite apparent how HARD you work for a finished, polish product. I value your opinions on products and utilize your input in purchases. Keep up the awesome work and awesome videos……xoxox Lisa Jones from Cincinnati…..

  4. I love this series already! You two make such an adorable team.
    I can’t wait for the coming videos. Seeing how hard you work and how much fun you have is an inspiration.