14 September |

Lace Top | Silk Skirt | Chloe Bag | Floppy Hat | Velvet Heels | Earrings | Sunglasses

Today marks the first day of the last year of my twenties. I honestly cannot believe that they are almost already gone. I feel like turning twenty was just yesterday but then again it also feels like that was worlds ago. I’ve done a lot of things in these last nine years and I’m thankful for each experience, accomplishment, lesson and even the mistakes that I’ve made in that time frame. I graduated college, I moved to a big city, I worked a corporate job, I traveled to multiple countries, I fell in love, I married that love, I became a puppy mom and I started this blog, Loverly Grey.

I’ve been thinking for a few weeks about what I wanted this post to mean to me. I thought maybe I would share “29 things I learned in my 20’s” or try to come up with some type of “follow your dreams” advice for people. I had a really pretty dress that I planned to wear with balloons and confetti and wanted this post to be a bright, happy YAY!!! post. But when plans changed, I didn’t get that. And what I’ve learned is that it’s okay to not do everything according to my plan. It’s okay to go rouge. It’s okay to do me. It’s simply okay.

I hope this year brings lots of happiness. I hope this year brings celebration. I also hope this year allows me to be a great friend to those around me. To love my husband deeper than I have in the previous year. To follow my dreams with Loverly Grey and continue to grow my business. To be an example to everyone who has eyes on me. But mostly, to lean on the Lord and get closer to Him.

I am excited to see where this last year of my twenties takes me (EEEKKK just saying that makes me excited!). Even though it seems kind of like a blah year, I have a feeling it’s going to be my best year yet! So here’s to living each day to the fullest, loving more and worrying less, spreading joy to those around me and to being thankful for this opportunity to LIVE life!!

Before I go, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who make this adventure possible. I love each and every one of you and your continued support each day is more than I can ask for you!!

Cheers, Friends!

Photos by KVC Photography

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  1. Hi Brittney! I am excited that I just discovered your blog and wish you a belated happy birthday! Love the way you discribe being on the cusp of starting a new chapter beyond the 20’s! I have no doubt that you will continue be a great inspiration! I will look forward to following your journey. Sonia

  2. Your sense of style is so unique; nothing boring or cookie cutter about it. My inner ‘tall-girl’ loves your long, flowy dresses and skirts, but alas, I was not blessed with height! Enjoy your day!