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29 January |

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Happy Monday!! I’m so happy to chat with you today!! I’ve been keeping a little secret and I think it’s about time I share the good new with you! If you remember from my blog post from earlier this year, I mentioned I wanted to grow my team here at Loverly Grey. I knew I needed help to continue growing and to continue making this a successful business. Well…I’m so excited to officially announce that Anna Page has joined the team!

Before I introduce you to Anna, I want to give you a little more background on why I would even need a team or any help in my job. Honestly, when I started this blog in January of 2016, I didn’t think a team would be anywhere in my near future. In January of 2017, I left my corporate job to blog full time and was just hoping to somehow break even and prove to my husband that I wasn’t crazy!

Well it goes to show that if you put in hard work, like really really hard work, you will be successful! Towards the end of 2017, I started feeling like I couldn’t get ahead. There was always so much to do. I consider myself a very organized person but no matter how organized I tried to be, I felt like I was always doing 100 things at about 20%. I knew that wasn’t acceptable and knew I needed help!

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Insert Anna. Anna had just left her job and honestly the timing of this was such a God thing. We sat down and talked about what this role would look like and from our first conversation I realized very quickly, I needed this girl to be apart of Team Loverly Grey. She is driven, she is a crazy hard worker and a problem solver. She is dedicated, she is my voice of reason and if I’m being honest, she is way more stylish than I am – I mean look at her in these photos! Loverly Grey is incredibly lucky to have her as a new addition and I’m so excited to see where 2018 takes us.

Her roles are constantly changing. One day she is a photographer and the next day she is a graphic designer. She helps a ton on the backend with creating content, brainstorming ideas, emailing, figuring out new ways to work with brands, studying analytics, social media and much more! Some people don’t actually understand how much goes into running a successful blog full time. We have already thought of several more jobs that a whole other person could help us do.

I want you to know that with hiring Anna, I am still the one that you are interacting with every day! I still have the final say over what we are doing as a brand and what content is pushed out to you. I’m just so excited to have help and we can’t wait to share more of what we have planned for 2018!

Now…here is a little more about Anna. Trust me, I know you will love her!

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Hey friends! It’s Anna (first name) Page (last name), not to be confused with Anna-Page, although It would be appropriate being born and raised in the peach state. I’ve been married to my sweet husband for almost 4 years and we reside just north of Atlanta! A few of my favorite things in the world are: fashion, cheese dip, my dog Banks, Jesus, styling, my husband and my family (not necessarily in that order…promise)!

I would consider my personal style a cocktail of sorts with a classic base, a little bit of the current trends and a splash of sass. The saying “Who do I want to be today?” rings so true every morning in my apartment when i get ready. I am really sarcastic and I’ll click with anyone that laughs at my jokes…or buys me donuts. My background in Social Media and Fashion means being apart of the Loverly Grey team is a dream for me!

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Thank you so much for stopping by today!! You can shop our looks below. Happy Monday!

Photos by KVC Photography

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  1. Hi! Can’t wait to see more of Anna! But I’m just wondering what happened with working for Dress Up? I started following Anna on IG because of DresUp

  2. I have looked up to Anna for a very long time. She’s something that you don’t see everyday. I love her dedication and passion for the things she holds closest. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes the both of you! Team Loverly Grey is a force to be reckoned with. The world just doesn’t know it yet.

  3. I’m so excited for you both! It’s a blessing to do what your passionate about for a living! Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you!

  4. What a perfect addition to Loverly Grey. I too, love that you mentioned your love for Jesus along with fashion and cheese dip:) I look forward to getting to see more of you on the blog. Welcome!

  5. So happy for you both! Doing what you love and enjoying being a team! This is exciting! Congratulations!!

  6. So happy for you! I loved seeing her post in Dress up’s Instagram stories. Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

  7. I’m so excited for you! She looks darling and anything that helps you grow is a good thing. And I love that she said she loves Jesus! Yay!! Makes it even better. God honors obedience. xo