My Hospital Bag – What I Actually Used & What I’m Packing for Baby 2

8 May |

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With baby number two well on her way, I wanted to update this post and give you a glimpse at what I plan to bring this time around! If you missed our announcement, we are moving the Athens, GA! We are currently in Alpharetta, GA and the two cities are about an hour and half from each other. My family lives in Athens and we have been wanting to get closer to them. The move is happening about three weeks before my due date so I’m going to prepare a bag now just to have so I won’t be scrambling when the time comes.

The plan right now is to deliver in Athens which means a new doctor. This was NOT our original plan so we are navigating everything as we go right now! I keep telling myself that people have babies in places and hospitals they didn’t plan all time, we will be fine!

So, onto what I’m packing for baby number 2…

With Collins, we stayed in the hospital for four nights. Her Jaundice levels were high, so that kept us a little longer. I’m not sure what the processes looks like right now with staying extra nights due to COVID-19 and we are still researching everything we can just to be informed. Because we were in the hospital a few days longer than expected with Collins, I plan to pack a little more this time around just to be safe. I remember wishing that I had a few more clean shirts to wear. With no visitors allowed to come or go this time, I’d rather be safe than sorry!

I’m posting a list of everything we plan to bring for baby, Chris, myself and all the random things we used! I am also including information on the nurses gift bags I made when we had Collins.

You can view my original post HERE if you want to pack based off my original suggestions.


  • Robe/Pajamas – I only ended up wearing the robe for our photos in the hospital with Collins but did wear the pajamas to sleep each night. Highly suggest something with buttons if you plan to breastfeed.
  • 2 pair loose pants – the softest pants ever  – I wish I had an extra pair of pants – joggers are ideal. I was really cold so I preferred wearing pants once we got settled in our room – similar joggersanother option
  • 2 nursing tops – this cami and this one \\  I didn’t wear any camis in the hospital. HERE is my recent blog post on Nursing Friendly Tops.
  • 2 nursing bras – Purchased this bra \\ Really wish I would have had more nursing bras. Breastfeeding was a little messy for me to start so having a clean bra each day would have been ideal.
  • Pajamas – I’m bringing this sleep shirt \\ floral option & stripe option
  • Go home outfit if different from above \\ I wore joggers, a tee and sweater with running shoes with Collins. I’m planning on wearing a maxi dress this time around since it summer weather – you’ll want to be comfy!
  • Nursing pads \\ Used these every day in the hospital.
  • Cardigan \\ It’s chilly in the hospital room!
  • Blanket – I bought a Barefoot Dream blanket to bring me with me. I had a cozy blanket in the hospital when Collins was born and used it pretty much at tall times – similar option
  • Flip flops & slippers \\ I mostly wore the hospital socks
  • Makeup \\ I only wore makeup for our Fresh 48 Photos
  • Face wipes, Deodorant, Lotion
  • Shower items (face wash, soap, shampoo, conditioner, razor) – I stocked up on several travel sized items \\ I showered twice in the hospital and was glad to have my own products.
  • Earth Mama Nipple butter — another option
  • Hair: brush, ties, blow dryer, dry shampoo
  • Toothbrush, paste, mouthwash
  • Tylenol, Tums (heard that some hospitals let you take your own and some do not. They will offer but you also pay for what they give you) / Bringing these items regardless for Chris, if needed \\ Chris did end up using these items!
  • Collace (stool softener) \\ Ended up not bringing, the hospital gave this to me.
  • Dermoplast (spray numb)
  • Depends/Mesh Panties (I also heard to ask for extra ice pack pads to go home with) \\ Didn’t bring with me because hospital supplies but did use them at home!
  • Chapstick – heard this was a MUST REMEMBER \\ 10000% bring this!
  • Essential Oils / Diffuser \\ Didn’t use this
  • Your Own Shower Towel – Saw this on Ashley’s List and thought it was a great add! \\ Chris and I both used our own towels from home and it was a game changer!


  • 2 changes of clothes / boxers / socks \\ Would have packed 3 of everything for him because we stayed longer.
  • Sweats and hoodie / pajamas
  • Shirt for in hospital photos – something casual
  • Computer / Tablet for downtime (IF there is any of that) \\ He didn’t use this.
  • Toothbrush/Deodorant
  • Twin Sheet Set \\ Highly recommend – We bought jersey sheets from Target and they were really comfy for Chris to sleep on in the hospital couch.


  • 1 pajamas \\ Didn’t use these but would suggest bringing a few long sleeve white cotton onesies. I brought cute swaddles for her and ended up putting her in the white cotton onesies I brought from home.
  • 1-2 hats – These are great!
  • 1 go home outfit \\ The newborn option I brought Collins didn’t fit so make sure to have a backup option!
  • 2 Muslin blankets \\ The hospital gives you the receiving blanket but I wanted a few “pretty” options so I brought my own!
  • Swaddle Sets – Love this one from Caden Lane and this one from Copper Pearl
  • Boppy pillow \\ I used this and it was helpful for figuring out how to breastfeed.
  • Car seat (bring in later, not when you first arrive) \\ We are using the Nuna Pipa Lite LX again.
  • First picture props
  • You should take home as many supplies as you can for the hospital (you are paying for it). Some of our friends told us to bring a separate bag to take home the supplies they bring in each day.


  • Snacks (trail mix, granola bars, fruit snacks, cheese its) \\ BRING ALL THE SNACKS! You will eat them once you are in the room you are staying in overnight.
  • Snacks / Gifts for the Nurses – I have a few friends who made treats for their nursing staff and thought the idea was really cute and I’ve heard they really appreciate it! \\ Our nurses loved this! We made 10 bags and handed them out throughout our stay! More below.
  • Drinks: Gatorade for labor, bottled water, Red Bull (for Dad), Yeti with straw \\ They provide you with a cup and gatorade and water but if you want anything else you can bring it!
  • Small extension cord \\ Didn’t use with Collins but could be useful.
  • 2 iPhone cords, long if possible \\ Highly recommend a 10 foot cable!
  • Camera / Charger
  • Bin to carry flowers home in \\ This was so helpful to carry the nurses gifts in and then we were able to use them to carry random things when we left!
  • Two pillows that we can leave behind (two pack at Target for under $20) \\ It was nice to have a comfy pillow but you’ll want to leave behind because of hospital germs.

Gifts for Nurses

A few of my girlfriends made gifts for their nurses that they brought to the hospital to show their appreciation for taking care of them, during labor, delivery and recovery. I loved the idea so I recreated it for when we had Collins. Truth me told, I had a lot more time to come up with something cute and creative before I had Collins. Right now, I’m struggling to think about what we will do for our nurses and if we will be able to get the supplies needed. I have not been going out so this list was created based on things that can be ordered online!

I also want to say that absolutely DO NOT feel any pressure to make these gifts. I have received a lot of questions over time about what we put in ours so that’s why I’m sharing this info. Being kind to your nurses and genuinely thanking them when you leave is ENOUGH! This is just another fun option.

My bags last year included things that they could use at the hospital, while on their shift. I think I included one thing they could take home but mostly it’s little things they can use at the hospital! Think chapstick, hand lotion, colored pens, hair ties, Starbucks gift cards, a hand written thank you note, and candy! I packaged them in little bags that I bought in the Target dollar section and I believe I made about 10 bags total. This time around, I plan to package my gifts in the reusable Target cups I’ve been loving. They come in packs of 4 so I will probably make 8 gifts total. We had a few left over and gave them to the lady that cleaned our room each day and a few other people that we consistently saw.

Gift Ideas:

I hope this list helps! Like I mentioned before, in my opinion, it’s better to overpack then not have things you need. We thought we were able to leave a day early with Collins on Wednesday so my mom took a bunch of our stuff home that day. Turns out we stayed another night and I really wish I had had extra of some items. You can never be too prepared!


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  1. Thank you for updating! I’m due with baby #2 next week and I’m just now packing my bag. Great suggestions

  2. For nurses, we brought a big box of bakery cookies for them to have at their station. They liked it. Not good during a pandemic though.

  3. This list is ideal if it weren’t for the COVID-19 times. I’m 39 weeks and have pre-registered with the hospital where they gave me the instructions to leave my own blanket/pillow at home, and that everything I bring must fit into a trash bag! They are trying to discharge vaginal deliveries after 24 hours. Just so different and cold compared to the coziness you’re list creates – but FYI!

  4. What size sleep shirt did you get? I don’t want to get one that fits me right now, but I don’t want to get one that going to be too small either.

  5. Thank you for posting this. I have never had a baby but the list is such a great “essentials” for when you will be in the hospital or caring for someone in the hospital. Thank you for your time. Your family is precious. Keep the posts coming.

  6. Okay wow, sheets for your husband to use, that is GENIUS!! Did not think of that the first go around, but will DEFINITELY be doing that with my newest little one this summer. Thank you!

  7. LOVE THIS!!! FTM over here and I have been comparing alot of list to see what are common must haves and what are the “oh thats smart” things I havent thought of! Thanks for this list!

  8. Thanks for updating! I am 39 weeks and 2 days, so baby coming any time. I have loved your updates, and especially enjoy seeing Birdie with Collins on your insta!