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24 April |

Button Front Thermal Top (wearing size small – TTS) \\ Striped Pajama Shorts (wearing size Medium, sized up one for the bump) \\ All Master Bedroom Decor

This post is coming to you as one of my most HIGHLY requested post from all the mamas and mamas-to-be! What are some great nursing friendly tops? Well I’m going to break down the options by lounge/hang at home, wear to work and pajamas. I think that should give you something in every category!

I nursed Collins for the first five months exclusively then started adding in formula and by six and half months, she was on formula full time. Whatever you decide is best for you and your baby is PERFECTLY FINE!

When I was nursing Collins, I was mostly at home since I worked from home and she didn’t start daycare until six months. This meant that I would sometimes just pull up my shirt or take it off completely to feed her. I purposefully scheduled my meetings and errands around her feedings so that I wouldn’t have to nurse/pump in public. It just how it worked best for us. I’m sure baby two will be completely different and will be doing a lot more on-the-go!

I say all this to say that if you are home and can just pull up your shirt because that is easier, go that route! I do still want to give a few options that are easy to nursing in due to their functional buttons or easy pull to the side features. I loved cotton, thermal style shirt that had buttons all the way down. I would say this is what I was lounging in and wearing around the house most. I found great options at Abercrombie and Urban Outfitters.

I hope this post is helpful! Let me know what other mama/baby related posts you want to see next!

Casual/Lounge Tops

Work Friendly Tops



In the options below, I am also including a few nursing favorites like great nursing bras, nipple creams, nursing pillows and more.

Nursing Favorites


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