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3 January |


Happy 2019, Friends!! I have a good feeling about this year. It started off a little sad on New Year’s Day when my grandma passed away, but I am comforted each day knowing that she is in Heaven watching over us. She wouldn’t want us to be sad, so I am choosing the be happy that she is in a better place.

2019 is also the year the Collins will be born! SCARY!! I’m 35 weeks pregnant currently so we are getting to the point where she can pretty much come at any time. I’m excited to take this step into motherhood.

Last year, I shared a blog post with my goals for 2018 and really like how that held me accountable throughout the year. So today, I want to share my goals for 2019. I’ll try to keep them short and sweet and I’m sure I’m go into more detail as I hopefully meet each goal throughout the year.

  1. Send out a Newsletter – I’m really excited for this to come to life. I have been wanting to create a newsletter that will be beneficial and fun for y’all. I’m hoping to get this up and running by late January/early February!
  2. Share more Work Wear Post – If you are new here, sharing affordable work wear is what I started Loverly Grey on. I’ve been blogging and running Loverly Grey full time since 2017 (I previously worked a corporate sale job for an IT Staffing Firm) so I’m not wearing business casual attire every day but I am still passionate about sharing my tips on how to look presentable in the workplace. I want to share a variety of work wear posts and my goal is to have at least one per week. This won’t start until after Collins is here because there is no point in me investing in maternity work pants since I’m at the point of my pregnancy where all I want to wear is sweatpants. If you are pregnant and looking for good maternity work pants, try the pants from LOFT!
  3. Add another Team Member to Loverly Grey – Last year, I hired my first employee, Anna Page. She has been my right hand woman and has helped with more things than I can list here. As Loverly Grey is growing, I want to add another member to help us grow even more!
  4. Launch a Loverly Grey Collection – I am not 100% sure what this looks like just yet but this has been a dream of mine for a long time. This also is a reason we need more manpower, so larger projects like this one can get accomplished! This honestly might be more like a two year goal because I want to make sure that if my name is on a product, it’s done right! Excited to see how this plays out!!
  5. Work with TEN New Brands that I haven’t Worked with before – Part of my job is to bring new content to you each day and introduce you to new brands. How will I grow if I only stick to working with three or fours brands forever? I like variety and I love trying new things. Part of my platform is sharing products I like and products I don’t like. It’s never a bad thing to try something new!
  6. Learn to Unplug – This goal is a little more on the personal side but I included it because I try to be as real as possible with you all. I haven’t taken a day off from blogging/sharing my life on Instagram in two years. In fact, yesterday was the first day ever that I didn’t post something to Instagram Stories. It was weird but I survived! As I’m preparing more and more for Collins’ arrival, I am trying to be more present. My blog is my passion, my baby and my business so letting go or taking a few steps back every now and then is hard for me. I know it’s possible, it’s just putting this plan into action and being okay with it!

Before I share a few details on my outfit, I want to talk about maternity leave. Honestly there is no such thing as maternity leave in this industry. As a business owner whose sole job is to create daily content and share styling tips with you, there is no way I could step away and be radio silent for the next 12 weeks. With that being said, Anna and I are working to prepare content that will be going live in the month of February. You will see posts going up sharing a variety of different things after Collins is born. I want to take a few weeks to be with her and not worry about blog content so we are working hard now so we can take a little break to just enjoy her presence. I will still be on Instagram and Instagram stories but all with balance (trying to stick to my sixth goal up there). I’m honestly not sure what this time in my life will look like but I’m really excited to see!

Now onto my outfit…

I’ve been struggling with styling outfits towards the end of my pregnancy. Honestly, there is only so much you can do when you are so tired and don’t feel like changing clothes all day (just being honest). I’m a sucker for skirts and putting unique, yet attainable outfits together and carrying a baby in my belly can make that difficult at times. That’s why I am so excited about this look! It’s a look that I’ll wear now while I’m pregnant and later once the baby is here. All of the pieces are non maternity but can work if you are expecting.



The skirt is from Goodnight Macaroon and is a size medium. I would probably have ordered this size regardless of the belly because sometimes their clothes run a little small. It’s so perfect for spring and I can’t wait to continue wearing it! You can use code LOVERLYGREY30 at checkout for 30% OFF!

I recently found this blazer at my local Marshall’s and fell in love when I realized it was velvet. This is a piece that I’ll be able to wear several different ways. I wish I had the exact link to share but sadly I don’t. I’ve found a few other pink blazer options that you can use to recreate the look though!

I’m linking everything pictured below! Thanks so much for stopping by today and thank you, as always, for following along with me day in and day out! I’m looking forward to an exciting 2019!


Photos by KVC Photography

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  1. Loved reading your goals and learning about the long-term vision for Loverly Grey! As a newbie blogger, you are such a role model in this space, and I admire your work ethic, integrity and drive! I know 2019 is going to be your best year yet!

  2. So excited work wear is still going to be one of your goals! There are so few bloggers who help us ladies trying to dress professional but stylish and I really appreciate the energy you put towards this. Thanks!

  3. I did a social media detox towards the end of 2018. I really recommend it. Have you tried using the new iPhone update’s time blocker? Its super helpful for ensuring you don’t waste time on social media.

  4. Just spent a majority of my evening obsessing over everything on your blog! I stumbled across you on IG not too long ago and I am so very happy I did! Love your style, hair, and make up! You are very talented! ???? Happy almost here baby bump ????????

  5. Love posts like this! They keep me motivated and stretch my own dreams and goals! So excited to see Loverly Grey grow!

  6. I am so glad you are planning ahead so you can rake a break after your baby girl arrives! I realize your industry is competitive and you have to post to be current, but give yourself a little slack! We readers will still be here, eager to hear all about Collins and motherhood! Love your blog and appreciate all the style tips and tidbits on your life!

  7. I really enjoyed this and absolutely LOVE your blog/Instagram. Your Instagram stories are some of my favorites and I find you to be such an inspiration. I too hope to take my influence up a notch this year and need to get more specific with my goals. Cheers to new adventures babe. Xoxo

  8. Yes take a break when that sweet baby comes because this is the only time in your life it will be just you and Collins! Congrats and enjoy these last few weeks! ❤️