Getting Ready for a Magical Christmas Morning with The Home Depot

14 December |
Magical Christmas Morning

If your family is anything like ours, then Christmas mornings are wild and magical. But the last thing you want is to go brew that hot cup of coffee or make that yummy breakfast casserole recipe only to realize you don’t have what you need or aren’t ready. Thanks to The Home Depot you can get everything you need to have a magical Christmas morning and maybe even a few extras to fill the space under your tree this year.

Magical Christmas Morning

Our Christmas morning usually looks like the sleepy adults rolling out of bed, grabbing the kids and going downstairs. But before anything exciting can happen Chris and I go straight to our favorite appliance in the house, our Keurig! We love that is can make lattes, cold brew of cappuccino. Each morning we look forward to drinking coffee at home, so we spend less on going out to grab coffee. This is truly one of those gifts that keep on giving. From there, we usually make a big breakfast with always requires lot of tools. I’ve rounded up all my favorites for you below!


Magical Christmas Morning

Once our bellies are full, we celebrate by opening presents under the tree! Some of our favorite gifts that we’ve received over the years are practical gifts, appliance and things we use everyday that either add value to our life or make our lives easier! They are gifts like a nice pop food storage containers, or a the smart light kit. Chris of course loves something more along the lines of a cordless drill set or a robot vacuum. But I think we can both agree we love all the fun small appliances and gadgets!

Home Depot has free curbside pickup and free delivery on thousands of items. But my favorite part of shopping at The Home Depot is each week they have a new set of ‘Special Buy’ items that are on sale. Everything from storage options to tools, house hold appliances and more! We’ve been able to grab some amazing practical gifts for our family this year. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites I think you’ll love below.


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