Taking Your Dresses From Work to Weekend

8 February |
Dresses From Work to Weekend

I love chatting work wear with you all and finding you inspiration to stay stylish throughout the week! But as much as we all love dressing for work, we don’t want to forget about our beloved weekends. To get the most wear out of your wardrobe I’m showing you how to take your dresses from work to weekend with just a few adjustments.


Dresses From Work to Weekend

The key to taking a dress from work to weekend is all about the accessories. If you are going into the office, pair this Scoop leopard dress from Walmart with neutral heels and throw a blazer over the top. However you can take this same dress and add a denim jacket and sneakers, for a much more casual vibe. You could even ditch the blazer and wear this same dress to a wedding!


Dresses From Work to Weekend

I’m all about pieces that will work for multiple occasions! You can’t go wrong with a classic wrap dress in a fun leopard print, like this one. I’ve also rounded up a few more options for dresses that could be worn for work or on the weekend below!


Dresses From Work to Weekend

If you try out this work to weekend look be sure to snap a picture and tag me over on Instagram @loverlygrey. I can’t wait to see! And in case you need some more work wear inspiration, check out the work wear section here!

All photos were taken by KVC Photography. Check her out on instagram @kvcphotography.

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