Post Holiday Organization Essentials

29 December |

Now that the haze of the holiday season is starting to lift I am ready to clear out the holiday decor that has been up since November 1st and create a fresh feeling space throughout our home. Each year there are a few post organization essentials that I use to create a clean home and purge what I don’t need!


My first trick to getting organized after Christmas is having a set place where everything goes! We love this wreath container as well as this ornament container to keep everything organized and safe for next year. We also love using lid locking plastic bins to keep all the holiday decor organized and free from dust while in storage! I’ve also rounded up a few more of our favorite storage bins for things like garland and small decor as well as our favorite tree storage bag and wrapping paper organizer.

Holiday Organization Essentials

My next trick for post holiday organization is finding some great storage baskets to help organize all those odd and ends. I love to use these on open shelves, inside closets and even on bookcases. It’s a great option for storing books, toys, or even to place blankets or stuffed animals in!

Favorite Storage Baskets

Finally, once all the Christmas decor is down I love to go through and purge anything that we don’t need. I like having a fresh start to the new year! Whether it’s going through the girls’ toys to see what we can donate or organizing the kitchen or even the closets! Marie Condo would be so proud. With that in mind I’ve rounded up all my favorite storage solutions below.

Post Holiday Organization Essentials

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