Our Most Loved Baby and Toddler Products

30 September |

I recently shared on Instagram a few of our favorite baby products and you all loved it! As a mom of two, over the past few years, we’ve tried out our fair share of baby and toddler products. However, there are a few that we have loved and continue to go back to. In case you’re in the same season of life, or know someone that is about to be and are looking for a great gift, I’m sharing our most loved baby and toddler products. These are all items that we used with both Collins and Hazel!


If you’re loving Hazel’s nursery in the background of these photos, be sure to check out this post with all the details of how we made her space come to life!

Most Loved Baby and Toddler Products


Kiinde Bottle System — It’s an investment up front but it literally has everything you need. I especially love that it comes with the rack to hold the pouches, great for freezing or keeping in your fridge!

Drying Rack– As you know, babies eat frequently. Which means you tend to go through many bottles throughout the day! This allowed us to hand wash them and let them air dry so they’d be ready for use again.

Bottle Drying Rack and Bottle Brush – I found these two on Amazon and love them. They are simple, yet pleasing enough to look at on my counter. Definitely recommend over the green grass option!

Elvie Pump– I can’t rave about how much I love this pump enough. Especially, when I had Hazel and Collins was still so young, having a pump that allowed me to be hands free was truly a gift.

Copper Pearl Burp Cloths– Copper Pearl has some of the cutest patterns for girls and boys! I used their burp clothes with both the girls. They also make a great baby shoer gift. Pair with the bottle system above and you have the perfect shower gift.


Hatch Changing Pad– This changing pad is not only super easy to wipe clean but is also a scale. This is great if you are exclusively breast feeding and are trying to gauge how much your little one is eating each feeding.


Bath Tub– We loved using this bath tub because it was easy to use and made bathing the girls super easy!


Owlet Sock and Monitor- This is one of those items that gives us peace of mind as parents. The owlet monitors your baby’s hear and oxygen levels and will alert you if they drop.

Sound Machines – We have both the dohm portable and regular and would highly recommend both! The sounds machine is essential to the sleep training process so having one you can take on the go is key!

SwaddleMe Swaddles – These are our favorite swaddles for Hazel. They are the only ones that she stays in and didn’t wiggle out of. They are easy to wash and come in several different sizes!

Newton Baby Mattress – As a mom, it can be so stressful, causing you anxiety when your baby sleeps. After purchasing the Newton mattress I felt so much more confident in knowing that Hazel and Collins would both be safe if they did roll over because the mattress is 100% breathable. Not to mention, it’s comfortable and easy to clean!

Moms On Call Book: We used this with both Collins and Hazel to get them on a regular sleeping schedule.

Snoo Bassinet– We were hesitant to spend the money on this initially, but both Collins and Hazel have loved sleeping in the Snoo. Having used it for both girls, we definitely got our money’s worth!


Logan + Lenora Backpack- You all know I LOVE my Logan + Lenora bag! Not only are they super cute, but they are machine washable, making them perfect for everyday life with little one. Use code Loverly10 for 10% off your order!

Snuggle Me Lounger – This is one of my favorite things to gift new mamas! I love that it resembles a hug for babies and I can place Hazel in the snuggle me while we are relaxing on the couch or all snuggling in bed!

Graco Pack ‘n Play Set – We used this with Collins as well and it’s been so great! Not only for travel but we keep it in our main living space for an easy changing station.

Nuna Rocker – Hazel LOVES being her rocker. It’s nice to have a safe spot that she can lounge and play in during her wake time. It’s so sweet Collins will come over to her and “chat” while she’s in her rocker.

Uppa Baby Vista Stroller– We opted for the Uppa baby Vista stroller when we had Collins and I’m so glad we choose that one. Aside from the fact that it’s super durable and looks gorgeous, it also extends so that both girls can ride in it. We loved all the different attachments, the easy of pushing, the great turn radius, and how easy it is to break down.

BOB Double Stroller– Now that Hazel is out of the carrier phase and prefers to sit up in her seat while in the stroller, the doubler stroller has been our go to for walks, going to grab coffee and more!


Nose Frida – I thought this was gross at first but it’s amazing how often we used this when her little nose os stuffed up. Definitely a baby product I couldn’t live without!

Ryan and Rose Paci– We tried a few different pacifiers that were given to us, but this one was both of the girls’ favorite! Plus, they are super cute and come in a ton of fun colors.

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