Not Ready for Summer to End

2 August |








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Hey Y’all!

I don’t think i’ve ever met anyone who is “ready for summer to end”. But with everyone talking about Fall Fashion, I feel like we are overlooking the last month of summer. Maybe it’s because school is back in session already (which is another crazy thing in itself). Or maybe it’s because all the stores are talking about what colors will be great for fall and how to transition your summer pieces into fall. But I am just not ready to say goodbye to bright colors and floral patterns yet.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that I have also been guilty of talking about Fall Fashion. It’s really hard not to. Although we only have one short month left of white jeans and bright colors (do people even follow the no white pants after labor day rule anymore??), I say let’s rock them while we can!! This top is one of my favorites for summer. It’s light & breezy with a cute peplum detail. I’ve linked a few options below in similar styles and colors. AND they are on Sale (secretly doing the happy dance)!

So until Fall actually gets here, you will find me being thankful it’s still technically Summer!

Photography by – Paige Molina 🙂

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