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27 July |










OTS Top | Lace Skirt | Sunglasses | Wedges | Clutch

Hey Y’all – Happy Wednesday!

I am so excited to share this pretty outfit with y’all. I bought this skirt over the 4th of July weekend and have been dying to wear it. Pretty lace skirts need something special to go with them and I think this top is just the right match.

Off the shoulder tops (& dresses for that matter) are super trendy right now. I love them. Plain & simple. It’s seriously the perfect summer top. I really hope that someone figures out a way to transition them to fall because I’m not ready to part ways!

I purchased this top from a company called Sheinside. I have visited this site a few times and each time left without making a purchase. I was honestly nervous. I was shocked at the prices and thought that something must be up with this company. I kept returning to the site, filling my cart with items only to leave my bag behind. I started seeing bloggers I follow wearing clothes from this company. So I finally decided to bite the bullet, pick out my favorites & make a purchase! And i’m so happy that I did!

I would just say prepare for about a 7-14 day turn around from the time you order. I mean, the items are coming from across the globe after all. When you make your first purchase, they even do 40% off. Which is unbelievable!

Do y’all have any recommendations for cute affordable online shops? I’d love to hear!


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