My Most Used Baby Products + Baby Registry Favorites

Pack N Play \\ Bath Tub \\ Boppy Pillow \\ Owlet Camera & Sock \\ Formula Maker \\ Nose Frieda \\ Breast Pump \\ Teething Ring \\ Bouncy Seat \\ Portable Play Yard

I’m excited for today’s post! I’ve been getting lots of questions around what baby products are my favorite and what items we registered for with Collins. I’ve partnered with Walmart to put together a great list of baby products that we use and love! If you are expecting, this is a great list to check when you go to register!

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. I’m not currently breastfeeding Collins, but I was lucky enough to breastfeed her for the first five months. It was both an amazing and challenging process that I’m so thankful I experienced. There were several products I used during that time that I would highly recommend to any mama who plans to breastfeed. Walmart has a great selection of breastfeeding and pumping products from pumps and storage bags to nipple cream and breast pads – all of which you will definitely want! Just know that however you are feeding your baby is great! I truly believe that fed is best and you do what’s best for you and your baby!

Purple Blouse \\ Floral Onesie

My top five products that we have loved since Collins was born are listed here: 1. Swaddle Me Swaddles. We used these for Collins and found that they were the only ones that “held her in” each night. 2. White Noise Machine. What a life saver! This also makes a great gift if you are attending a baby shower anytime soon! 3. Pack ‘n Play with Attachments. We use this daily on our main floor. I love that it has a spot for diapers and things plus a removable changing table. Collins’ room is on the second floor so this is a great place to change her diaper on the main floor. 4. The Nose Freida. We use this thing A LOT! Even if you think you won’t need this, trust me you will! 5. Baby Brezza Formula Pro. Game changer if you are formula feeding. It mixes and warms a bottle in a matter of seconds. Love this thing!

Everything else we love is mentioned below. We truly love and use each and every one of these products. If you have anything to add, leave your comments below!

Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post!

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