Bump Update – Third Trimester: Baby Shower + Registry Must Haves

12 November |

I cannot believe that I am in the third trimester as of today. This pregnancy has felt like the longest but at the same time it’s going by so fast! We found out we were pregnant very early due to going through IVF so we’ve had almost an extra four weeks to prepare and love our sweet little girl! If you are new to my blog, Chris and I did IVF to get pregnant with Collins. I have a full blog post on that HERE.


I haven’t been craving anything too crazy as of late. The main changes have been the heartburn and trying to stay comfortable at night when I’m sleeping. My doctor has okayed Prilosec and that has helped tremendously. I also take tums as needed and that helps with immediate heartburn relief. As for sleeping, I’ve been loving my pregnancy pillow and already know that I’ll have a hard time giving that up when Collins is here. It’s been a game changer! I started sleeping with it when I was around 20 weeks (maybe a little before that) and it’s been wonderful.

We are still working on the nursery. I’ve decided on the wallpaper and can’t wait to share it will you in a few weeks. We have the rocker in place and the crib just arrived and is on our list to put together this week! I have my eyes on a dresser and then we just need a few more things and the nursery will be pretty much done! I can’t wait to give you a sneak peek soon.

We also have a short video of how we told our families that we were pregnant! I will link that at the end of this post if you want to see their reactions!!


My first baby shower was yesterday and it was everything I had hoped and dreamed it would be. My sweet friend, Laura (from Reese and Rowe Blog) hosted the shower at her home with the help of my bestie from college, Molly, my right-hand woman, Anna Page and one of my close blogger friends, Mary Margaret from Simply Darlings! It was such a sweet time with my close girlfriends. Collins already has a great circle of women who love her and I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone who made the shower perfect!

Here are a few pictures from this special day!


At my shower, I received so many great items from my registry that were very practical and useful for our everyday life. I wanted to share my registries with y’all in hopes that it can help give the new mamas an idea of where to start when registering. I truly had no idea where to start so I leaned on several of my close friends who recently had babies within the last year. My registries are a combination of items they loved plus items that I read reviews on and am excited to try! I continually update them as I read about products and hear reviews on items I should try. I’ve really liked Babylist because you can add anything from any website!

Target Registry

Buy Buy Baby Registry

Babylist Registry

**There are a few main items that aren’t listed on our registries that we have already received from family early on. For example, we are using the Uppababy Vista Stroller and have several accessories that will go along with that. I’ll share more about those items as we get close / as Collins is using them!

***I would love to know if there are any must have items that are missing. I know I’ve overlooked something!

I also have a fun giveaway coming with Dockatot and Project Nursery. Keep an eye on my Instagram this week for more details!!


Dress from Dillard’s but not available online \\ Earrings are old from J.Crew \\ Shoes are Sam Edelman and run true to size \\ All makeup used is linked HERE


What to wear to your baby shower? I’ve rounded up several maternity (and some non maternity) options so that you won’t be scrounging for a dress the day before like I was. This shower snuck up on me! I looked online at a few retailers early last week to see if there was anything I was loving for yesterday’s shower. I didn’t really know what direction I wanted go in but I knew I wanted to be really girly! When nothing was catching my eye (well nothing that could be shipped to me in time) we went out to find something to wear. I originally bought a dress from Free People that I thought could work but ended up being WAYYY too short on me. This discovery was made within 24 hours of the shower so I knew I would have to come up with something quick.

On Saturday I went to the mall and started at Dillard’s. It’s funny because every time I’m in a bind and need a last minutes wedding guest dress or baby shower dress in this case, I always find something at Dillard’s. So why they are a first choice is beyond me. I think I like having them as a backup so I don’t push my luck by shopping there every single time I need something new. Thankfully they came through and I found the Gianni Bini beaded dress on clearance! It was the last size in the store and conveniently was one size higher than what I would normally need – perfect for my growing bump!

I’ve created a new tab on my blog for Baby Shower Dress options and think it will be really helpful for expecting mothers! As I come across dresses that I think could work for baby showers, I will add them too!



What to gift the sweet friends who hosted a shower for you? For my hostesses yesterday, I put together a little bag of items they will use daily. I started with a candle then added rose scented lip balm, a face mask and a ceramic dish to hold their rings or jewelry. I wanted to give them practical items that they would use but also items that when they used they would know how thankful I am for their friendship.

I think you should think about what makes your host happy and get her something along those lines!

Video of us telling our families that we are pregnant!!! 



Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post! I hope that all of this information is helpful if you are expecting. Love you guys so much!

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  1. Hi! I just had a baby in May. If you plan to breast feed, you will definitely want the My brestfriend pillow. It straps around you supporting your back and placing baby near your breasts without requiring you to hunch over! Much better than the boppy for this purpose in my opinion. You might also want the fisher price sit me up chair for when she is older! Congratulations and best wishes, motherhood is wonderful!

  2. What made you decide on the carseat you chose vs the Uppa Baby Mesa? We are getting the Vista as well, so I’d love to know your thoughts! We’re expecting our IVF miracle baby girl in March!

  3. Great registry! I would look into a Sollybaby wrap! Also, dohm has a travel size sound machine that’s amazing for car rides/travel. It charges by usb! And there’s a thing called a pocket nanny that was a life saver in the sleep deprived stage.. it’s a timer with several different things (feeding, diaper change, medicine, sleep time, it also has a switch to help you keep up with which side you last nursed on!

  4. Attempting to type through tears so sorry if I misspell anything!! So excited for you and Chris–what an incredible blessing!! I have a couple momma friends that have raved about their Hatch Baby Grow changing pad. It’s a “smart” changing pad that records your baby’s weight, feedings, changes and a TON of other things. And it ALL syncs to your phone so you can easily take all that info to your baby’s doctor! My cousin has one as well and she said it is SO easy to clean and she cannot imagine life without it. Here is the link — https://www.amazon.com/Hatch-Baby-Smart-Changing-Scale/dp/B072TRBZPL/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1542136412&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=hatch+baby+grow+changing+pad+and+smart+scale&psc=1
    Congratulations again sweet girl! You are so deserving!!

  5. The BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft seat was a lifesaver for us! My son loved it and would even nap in it.
    The Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat is great as well! My son loved it, because he was able to sit up and see what was going on.
    Last this is more for mom then baby????. I have a Tote Savy insert for my Neverfull Louis Vuitton. It will turn any bag into a diaper bag. They come in multiple styles and sizes!

  6. That video is so sweet, I was tearing up! Two things I consider must haves:
    -the nose frida, I know it seems gross but you will do anything to help your baby if they’re sick.
    -the brestfriend nursing pillow, I know everyone loves the Boppy but I think this is so much better. It is much more supportive, and you can snap it on so if you have to stand up for a second (it will happen at some point) you can without stopping nursing.

  7. That was darling!! I’m so happy for you guys! What a wonderful family to be born into! God bless all your adventures!

  8. You had me in tears with your video!!! Absolutely beautiful and I’m so excited for y’all! ????

    Also another thing if you don’t already have on your registry… check out @binxybaby. It’s a Shopping cart hammock! It is absolutely amazing and the best to do your shopping with!!! Also the Snuggle Me Organic is a must have! My 4th absolutely loves it and I love how it’s all made with organic material! Wish I had it for the other 3!

    Again congrats!!!

  9. I highly recommend an AngelCare or Owelet monitor system. I personally have not tried the Owelet but others have and loved it. We used the AngelCare system. It was a lifesaver for a peaceful night sleep – for baby and you!

  10. Beautiful shower! I had heart burn, too, and my doctor said the only wives tale that’s true with pregnancy is that heart burn = a lot of hair for baby. Sure enough, she was born with a nice head of hair. 🙂 Enjoy every minute!

  11. Watched your family videos sharing the news! I couldn’t stop smiling! So happy for you guys. Wishing you all the best on this journey

  12. Hey Brittany!

    First of all, I love love LOVE birth announcements and anything pregnancy/mama related and I definitely cried when I watched your video! ???????? Absolutely so sweet. Thank you for sharing that! So sweet and special!

    Second, I thought I’d share some must haves and thoughts that worked well for us! Everyone and every baby is different so it’s good to keep that in mind as you get so many suggestions!????

    Something that I didn’t see on your registry (either because it wasn’t on any of your registries or maybe I missed it) is a car seat cover—-like one for the winter! The milk snob covers that you have on there are awesome and work as a nursing cover too, but since you’re due at the beginning of February, you may want to look at one of those. Although, come to think of it—-I’m not sure how cold it gets there in February—you may not need one. I’m in Iowa so I’m used to really cold winters!

    We also enjoyed using this Baby Brezza food steamer + blender for when I started introducing solids at 6 months. I didn’t do a ton of the purée/blending mainly because we did more of a baby led weaning approach, but it was nice being able to have that option when I did sometimes! Steams + blends in the same machine! Or you can set it to just steam!


    Also, this nipple cream was awesome for post partum. I didn’t have a ton of sensitive/painful nipples, but the few times I did, this really helped! (I know, some of this may seem like TMI, but it’s helpful for postpartum!


    And this for Earth Mama New Mama bottom spray (for you, not baby—for postpartum). Helps SO MUCH for comfort + healing!

    The link is for a pack, but i’m Referring to the spray on the left in the picture. It looks like they may have changed the packaging look if you order just the spray and not the whole set.

    We also switched to a free and clear fragrance free laundry detergent when we had our son! We personally like the Seventh Generation brand and actually just purchased the liquid laundry detergent from Norwex to try!

    Hope this helps!! Good luck mama!! What an exciting time! Praying for the rest of your pregnancy to go well and that you’ll have a smooth labor and delivery!

  13. You were right about needing tissues. That video was absolutely precious!! Such an exciting time. I hope you’re enjoying every moment of being pregnant. The best is yet to come ❤️

  14. I just had a baby in March. We registered for very similar things. Make sure the rock and play is automatic otherwise you have to manually rock it. (We used this a lot.) We have the Nuna Pipa car seat ; it is compatible with the uppababy stroller and is super light. Congratulations!

  15. Saw them on your registry and just wanted to say that the dockatot, rock n play and Philip’s bottle sterilizer were game changers for us.
    I highly recommend alll Frida baby products. From the snot sucker.. yep it sounds gross but it’s a lifesaver… to the windi, their products are genius. Also you’re glowing!!

  16. Hand down you need a Nose Frieda! I didn’t have one with my first and I wish I would have. Also the Freshly Picked Mocs are the best baby shoe! Alnd 100% agree that cloth diapers are the best burp cloth… they are not cute but way more functional. Congrats to your new addition!

  17. The preemie size nipples on the dr brown bottles were a lifesaver for the first month. The size 1 nipples caused my daughter to guzzle down breast milk and it made her spit most of it back up. We thought she had reflux but it was the fact that too much milk was coming out of the bottle nipple. Who knew?!

  18. I really recommend wubbanub pacifiers because regular pacifier baby spits out. Breast pump I got through insurance at Northside hospital. So recommend you to check if your insurance covers or not. Looks like you travel a lot, so I really recommend yo-yo stroller! You can fold small and it’s easy to travel with! You gonna be a great mom!! :)))

  19. Check with your insurance on the breast pump! I bought the medela one myself and later realized insurance would have covered it 100% if I went through them. Also, you’ll want to purchase a breast pump bandeau so you can pump hands free. They have some that are made to go with the medela pump, just sold seperatley. Congratulations!! 🙂

  20. Oh man. I need a box of tissues after watching your coming out video! I’m so happy for y’all! Your bub is so loved<3

  21. Best advise I can give isn’t from a registry. It’s the grocery store. Always have a couple gallon Ziploc baggies for when there’s no trash cans around and baby clothes need to be contained. As well in a couple other Ziploc baggies are extra clothes for you and Chris when babies accident ends up all over you.

  22. Congrats on making it to 3rd trimester! I’m also due in February (a few weeks behind you!) and had a lot of similar items on my registry!! Are you planning on using the Uppa baby bassinet at night? If so, have you found bassinet sheets that fit?

  23. Hello!

    I am currently pregnant and was told about the following that I didn’t see you have.. 1) most importantly is the Loveverybaby play gym – it guides you through their first year with what they should be learning and has a lot more to offer than the avg gym
    2) Lou Lou and Company has the most amazing onsie sacs that tie at the bottom but are truly amazing and soo soft! Also I’ve been obsessed with the newborn bundles they have. The creator is a NICU nurse and most babies tend to live in these items I’ve been told!

  24. Love to Dream swaddles!! My best friend has a baby same age as mine and she swore by them! Once we started putting our baby boy in them — I swear by them too! I tell everyone to get some! They are so easy to put on (unlike Ergobaby swaddles) and so easy for quick seemless diaper changes (unlike the Halo swaddles). I order mine from Amazon.

  25. I also did ivf and my due date is 10 days after yours! I have that humidifier (in my room) and I would not recommend it. You have to take the large top part off and flip it upside down to refill with water so no matter what you’re spilling some. And you can’t place directly on furniture or a towel (not sure if all humidifiers are like that) so ours is on a silicone dish drying mat. When I buy a new one i’ll Probably get a warm mist one because the heat helps kill bacteria so less cleaning needed. Best wishes to you and baby Collins!

  26. Wellll now that I’ve cried my eyes out at that sweet video!! So happy for you two and will definitely be referencing this post when it’s our turn for a baby ????

  27. This has been the best post yet!! I don’t even know you in person and your video made me cry! So sweet! Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

    I am not a parent, but I work in pediatrics and have A LOT of nieces and nephews. I highly recommend the Owlet baby monitor. It tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and there is an app you can use along with it. (You might already have this on your list, and I may have missed it, so sorry if that’s the case)

    Warm wishes,

    Stephanie C

  28. I just watched your video of the reveal to your families and I’m straight up crying on the couch—you guys are absolutely precious. I’m a Labor and Delivery nurse down in Valdosta and families like yours are exactly why I do what I do. Collins is so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such love and you are going to be the most amazing parents. Congratulations!!

  29. That video! I’m not crying.. your crying! Love following you and so excited for you to experience motherhood. It’s the wildest, craziest, best ride of your life!

  30. You should make sure to check out @takingcarababies on IG for her sleep courses!!
    I have nannied for newborns+ whose mommas used these tools and they were the BEST sleepers by a long shot! I’m due in March and am going through the courses again myself in the new year 🙂

  31. You were right, definitely needed the tissues for that video! What a beautiful reaction for a beautiful journey! Congrats again to you and your family! How special!!

  32. You should also register for the Kiinde bags for breast milk storage. You can connect them directly to your pump, I have the same one, and put the bag directly in the freezer or fridge. Then all you have to wash are the pump parts and no bottles. Kiinde has its own bottle/nipple attachments for feeding. Again, no bottle to wash!! I’d also recommend extra pump parts- 3-4 sets total

  33. The Owlet sock is amazing for piece of mind when they’re sleeping as a newborn. It alerts you if their heart rate or oxygen levels go out of normal range. That way you can get some sleep and not hover over them those first few weeks! We have it for our 7 week old and it’s wonderful. Congrats!

  34. I just cried all the happy tears watching your video! I am so happy for you two and I’m so happy that your dreams are coming true.

  35. Hi Brittany,
    Congratulations to you and your family on baby Collins! While watching that video I think someone started cutting onions lol! I enjoy following you and can’t wait to follow you on this next adventure.

  36. Hi, just started following your blog. You look amazing and congratulations on your new bundle of joy. My baby girl just turned two months and a few items that are extremely useful for me are a crib mobile that has light and music, pack and play sheets, a mattress protector for the crib mattress, lots of washcloths, Sleep and play onesies in newborn, and the Medela nipple cream.

  37. Boppy 3 pack waterproof changing pad liners from Buy buy baby! We only bought two sheets for the changing pad and this keeps you from having to change the whole cover all the time! You just put it right on top of the sheet on the changing table !
    Also I got all the butt paste and I started using it when she would get diaper rash and it wouldn’t help so the pediatrician said to use Aquaphor and it’s been like a miracle! Now I have all these tubes of butt paste because all I use is Aquaphor ????

  38. I just watched your sweet video and it made me have tears in my eyes. So happy for you all and wish you nothing but happiness, love and good health.

  39. I am in tears watching this video! How beautiful that it is always the best news anyone can hear! Congratulations- the best is yet to come!

  40. Great registry and a beautiful post! You are glowing! One thing I would recommend is a bottle trial pack. Stork Box delievers a box of all the top bottles for you to try out so you can find the best for your baby! We had the hardest time transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle because our little guy hated almost every bottle (we finally found the comotomos – they’re awesome!) But it was such a great gift that someone sent us that we didnt even know we would need! We didnt have to spend a ton of money on all kinds of bottles that he didnt like! So I highly recommend! Here’s a link for it 🙂

    Side note… ugly crying over the pregnancy announcement video! (my husband thinks I’m crazy lol!! ) So happy for you guys! Many blessings to your beautiful family!

  41. You NEED the Baby Shusher! I swear by it. Every newborn photographer I’ve met also has one. Check out the reviews on Amazon

  42. Oh my goodness ???????? all the feels for this!! Get a dock-a-tot! It saved my life, I passed it on to my girlfriend who swears by it as well!

  43. A few of my faves:
    We have the Uppababy Vista in Loic and I LOVE it. We have used the bassinet it comes with from day one with our baby girl and have it next to our bed. It’s breathable, portable and beautiful. Win win!
    -Ubbi diaper pail is a must! The best at eliminating odor
    -Mama’s Bliss gripe water as well as Infant gas drops (we buy the up&up brand) for when baby has some discomfort
    -Fischer Price Snugga Puppy cradle n’swing. Literally, not sure how we would have survived the first weeks without this swing! Our daughter hated the rock n’ play 🙁
    -Halo swaddles are the best
    -Fawn Design diaper bag (the design is the prettiest and it’s the most functional than all the others IMO)
    -Aden and Anais swaddle blankets (great for tummy time, swaddling, burp cloths, etc)
    -If nursing, MyBrestFriend (not a typo) haha it’s more comfortable than a boppy because it offers back support 🙂
    -Boppy lounger for tummy time
    -Honest diapers, Kirkland wipes (our daughter hasn’t had a single episode of diaper rash and she is almost 4 months) 🙂
    I hope this helps. 🙂 Best of luck to you and your husband!! Little girls are such a blessing. ????

  44. That video has me in tears! I’m so excited for you. Welcoming a baby into this world is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things that you will do!

  45. Love this post and love following you! As a fellow Atlantan, I highly recommend Moms on Call and having the nurse come to your house when Collins is a couple weeks old. They run through all the basics – feeding, bath time, cutting nails, swaddling, naps, etc. They are based out of Atlanta and started 15 years ago. We were fortunate enough to have Laura Hunter come to our house who is one of the co-founders as we have 3 month old twins and she has twins, as well. If you can request her, I highly recommend her. Our twins started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks and she also saved us so much money on not needing every single baby item (no baby bath tub, no expensive bottles, and may other things). You also receive 6 months of unlimited support via email with them and I use it all the time! Good luck – babies are the most incredible blessing!!

  46. Well I shouldn’t have watched that video at work because now I’m crying at my desk! HA! Great post and so excited for you all. Praying that this next phase of life is so exciting and filled with joy and love.

  47. Sorry- I didn’t look at your registry..BUT here were some of our must haves for baby-
    Halo Sleep Sack with Velcro
    Rock n’play
    Nose Frida
    Ergo baby carrier
    Sound machine (also download a sound machine app on your phone for when you’re on the go)
    Magnetic car seat hands (search on amazon)
    Merlin sleep suit
    12 hours by 12 weeks sleep training book- worked like a charm for us!! She literally was sleeping from 7pm – 7am by the time she was 12 weeks old!!

    Good luck!! ????????????

  48. Your shower was absolutely beautiful! You have some great things on your registry for sure. That rock n play will serioulsy be the best thing ever!!! My #1 gift to new moms is the Medela nipple cream. I seriously slept with it in the hospital and at home. It is safe for baby to ingest and it’s a lifesaver. It really does help. The lactation consultants at the hospital can also give you some. But I always had stock in it. The lactation consultant will have small tubes which are awesome to keep in your diaper bag. I would rub a little inside my pump shield and that also would give you relief when pumping in the beginning. It’s a must. My second favorite pacifier/pacifier clips are from Ryan & Rose. Her clips are medical grade silicone beads and they go through so much testing. And they are so cute! Hands down the best quality. Don’t know if I saw the little poop arm and hammer disposable diaper bags on your registry or not. They are great for on the go and in the diaper bag. One other thing is for diaper cream… triple paste is the best!! I know you will hear lots of reviews on this but it will clear up anything. My pediatrician recommended it and I had never heard of it before. But for the awful bum rashes it works wonders. We loved our Dock A Tot, but not until babies were a little bigger. Like 3 months old. It didn’t snuggle them because it’s a little on the bigger side. I have heard wonderful things about the snuggle me organic that looks like it fits newborns better and actually snuggles them. But we are huge fans of the Dock a tot. It was awesome and our babe slept through the entire night once she started fitting into it better. Having two girls now, it is true that each baby is so different and they will all like different things. So, miss Collins will for sure let you guys know what she prefers and what works best for her.

  49. A friend recommended the Milk Saver to me as just something to “wear” on the other breast while nursing since it will typically leak. After talking to other moms, I ordered another one because someone said that they leaked a lot and just wore them in their bra to catch extra milk. Double win because you won’t soak through nipple pads and you can catch some extra milk. Another mom recommend a little caddy to carry around that has nipple cream, pads, and anything else you may need while nursing since you may be stuck there for a while. Lastly, my husband found these bottles which look awesome and so practical for storing in the fridge by NanoBebe. Obviously haven’t used them yet, but they look promising.

  50. Your video made me cry! It was so sweet. It brought back all the feelings when we told our families about our babies. I also have to say that I love your blog. I’ve had 2 babies in three years, and your style has reminded me how to make easy things elevated. It’s been very inspirational and helped to start feeling like myself again. You will love your Vista! It’s the best. I’ve had mine for almost 3 years and we use it as a double now. Can’t say enough great things about it. I’m super sensitive to smells/ have sensitive skin and found that Seventh Gen baby laundry has been the best for my kids. You will love having tons of swaddles and the velcro ones were my husband’s favorite. For diapers, I started with Honest but have tried them all. What worked for my daughter, hasn’t worked well for my son. I would recommend trying them all to find what works best for your baby. This isn’t registry related… I know you plan to breastfeed and every mom has different success with it. (Ugh, I hope I don’t sound like a judgey mom haha) However you end up feeding your baby is up to you. I did have formula on hand with my daughter and was so glad I did, because we needed to supplement. I was thankful I did some research beforehand to see my options instead of sending my sleep deprived husband to Target. Bravado nursing bras were so comfy, too! Oh, Target brand diaper cream works just as great as the name brand! I hope this is helpful to you.

  51. Oh my gosh. I never get emotional over things online, but that video post had my tears rolling down my cheeks. Family love is so powerful!

  52. These ???????? https://www.target.com/p/babybum-diaper-cream-brush-pink/-/A-52564558
    Hopefully Collins won’t have too many diaper rash problems BUT if she does these are amazing. I love this thing, it wasn’t around when I had my first 4 years ago but I found it while registering for my little girl last year. Diaper cream is a pain to get off your hands, not to mention I just never felt like I could wash my hands enough after applying it. This makes it a complete non-issue.

    We also loved the Nested Bean Zen Sack!!

  53. I have a two week old little boy and we’ve used the Lou Lou and Company swaddles/gowns and the PATPat for a pacifier. The quality of both are so awesome, and wanted to spread the good news about them.

  54. Happy tears from this sweet video. So excited for you and your husband. Collins is already so incredibly loved. Wishing you all the blessings for your family.

  55. I’m not sure if you have already purchased a car seat yet but I highly recommend the Doona! It is amazing!!! It’s a car seat/stroller combo, my in-laws gifted it to me and once my little girl outgrew it I passed it along to another family member to use. It’s a bit pricey but totally worth it!

  56. Hi Brittany, I’ve been visiting your blog for a while, and have been following your pregnancy journey. You look amazing and are radiant! My baby just turned 1 last week, and I have been in shock at how quickly the year went by and how much he has grown! You have a great registry. I wish I would have known to add a lot of these items to mine when I went through and registered for my baby. I noticed you didn’t have any bassinet sheets. If you need them, I recommend getting these grey ones https://www.amazon.com/NODNAL-Co-Bassinet-Fitted-Jersey/dp/B079CNNWPV/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 (I know you love grey :D). They would fit the UPPAbaby VISTA bassinet you received as a gift from your shower. I bought these as a gift for a friend, and she absolutely loves them! She has the Halo Bassinet. And they can be used as changing covers too! Hope this helps and good luck!

  57. Love it! Great registry but I will say, as a new Mom you think you need every gadget on the market because you think it will make you more prepared (or at least feel like you are). You won’t be (can’t be haha) but that is OK! No one ever is or can be. Also, every baby is so so so different. So what works and is recommended by some Mom’s may not work for Collins. I always recommend not opening at least half the stuff you buy (or save the packaging so you can return it) because you will not use it all. One side note I noticed you registered for a Graco pack and play. I had one for my first baby but if you plan to take it on any airplanes, I highly recommend you get a Baby Bjorn travel crib instead. They are much lighter weight and easier to set up and take down. Also, the Sophie teether has always been a favorite of all my babies. Hope that helps! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  58. This is a great post and you are just glowing! You’ve got lots of good stuff on your registries! One suggestion I have is to make sure the diaper bag has lots of pockets and get some little “wet clothes” pouches for the messy stuff when you need to change her clothes out and about. Also, just something I learned with my second baby and used with the next 2 religiously is that the Boppy pillow is also super nice to sit on if you need any relief after delivery. 😉

  59. Loved looking through your registries since I’m only a few weeks behind you! One thing I had several people recommend to me that I don’t see on any of yours is a Haakaa silicone breast milk collector. Apparently let down is REAL when baby is nursing on opposite side and it’s a great way to save it all!

    Also wanted to add that I saw your pump on there – did you try going through insurance? I used aeroflowbreastpumps.com and you just enter your insurance info, and then they find out what options you qualify for. It was soooo easy!

  60. I have a two month old who was born 6 weeks early. We spent 4 weeks in the NICU and they highly recommended the Halo Sleepsacks for swaddling. Our baby is hooked and sleeps with one every night. We also registered for the SwaddleMe swaddlers, and they are not nearly as good as the Halo’s (just my opinion). Also, cloth diapers make the BEST burp clothes. Congratulations on your baby girl!

    • Yes Halos are awesome! We didn’t have any but used them during our extended hospital stay because that’s what the hospital had and were instantly hooked! My little guy is 1 now and we didn’t have any issues transitioning out of a swaddle since you can keep the swaddle on with arms out he didn’t even know the difference! And he still sleeps in their sleepsacks.

  61. The Dockatot was a must for us!! We didn’t get it until our little guy was 6 weeks old but it changed the game! He started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks and I fully credit the Dockatot. You should also follow TakingCaraBabies!! I so wish I had known about her prior to my little guy’s arrival! She’s a neonatal nurse + baby sleep expert + mama of 4 so she knows baby sleep and her tips are top notch. Wishing you all the best!