How to Style the WHOLE Family for Fall Photos

15 October |
How to Style the WHOLE Family

I am so excited to share our recent Fall photos with you guys! This year we decided to do something a little different and include the whole family. They are such a large part of our lives so it only seemed natural that we should celebrate that with photos. However styling nine people can be tricky. Which is exactly why I’m breaking down how to style the WHOLE family for fall photos, whether you are a party of three or ten!


How to Style the WHOLE Family

STYLE TIP No. 1: Start with Your Color Pallet

When styling an entire family for photos, no matter what the season is you always want to start with your color pallet. This could stem from a dress or piece you already know you want to wear or could be dependent on the season. For instance, I knew I wanted to wear this pretty floral dress with knee high boots. It was dark enough that it looked like fall but the floral pattern gave me flexibility to be able to bring in other colors.

Unfortunately, my exact dress is sold out but here are a few similar options that would work great as well!

How to Style the WHOLE Family

STYLE TIP No. 2: Stick to One Pattern Per Family

Once you decide on what you want to wear, everything else will fall into place! I went with a maroon romper for Hazel and a similar style romper for Collins. However for Collins we opted for a neutral pallet her and Hazel weren’t too matchy, matchy. If you decide to bring in a second pattern stick to something small that will compliment the first pattern.

To keep it simple Chris kept is classic with chinos and a neutral henley. He added dress shoes to kick it up a notch for an elevated, casual look. I always go with something simple like a henley, button down or sweater for the men. Less is more in this scenario!

How to Style the WHOLE Family

STYLE TIP No. 3: Extended Family Should Compliment, Not Contrast Your Color Pallet

Because my dress has a variety of colors in it, this gave my Mom and Dad a lot of flexibility! My Mom opted for a light wash above the knee dress (a few years old from Anthropologie) and knee high boots while my Dad wore a complimenting pattern. As to not draw too much attention to the patterns in photos we broke them up by having my Mom in between me and my Dad.

The key is to find colors and patterns that will work well together! Without being too distracting.

How to Style the WHOLE Family

STYLE TIP No. 4: Vary Your Textures

My Brother and Sister-In-Law opted for a softer blue pallet, which complimented my parents attire perfectly. By placing my parents in between us and my brother, this broke up the floral patterns while still looking like a family unit!

It also helps that both me and my sister-in-law were wearing smaller dainty floral patterns as opposed to something more bold or graphic. Her exact dress comes in a ton of color options. I personally, have and love the red one!

How to Style the WHOLE Family

It can be overwhelming trying to style the whole family and coordinate so many outfits. So to make it easy for you, I’ve curated tons of fall family outfits in THIS blog post and on THIS page! I’ve also included my recent extended family photo outfit options below, broken up by member of the family!

How to Style the WHOLE Family



How to Style the WHOLE Family



How to Style the WHOLE Family


How to Style the WHOLE Family


How to Style the WHOLE Family

All photos were taken by Lauren Carnes. Check out her amazing work on Instagram @laurenlcarnes

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