How I Stay Active Around the Holidays

25 November |

Chris and I are excited to partner with lululemon today to share how we stay active! Chris just finished his first full marathon and trained then ran in his go-to lululemon pieces. He’s been in love with the brand for years and has finally turned me onto them too. Yes, their pieces are a little more than I would typically spend on workout wear, BUT their customer service is amazing, the quality of the pieces truly lasts for years and they are dedicated to making sure you are happy with each purchase. To me, all of those things make the price worth it!

I’ve been wearing the Align Pant II 25″, the Energy Bra Longline and Align Joggers 28″ over the past few weeks and have LOVED them. I think Collins’ teachers are starting to get concerned that I lost all my clothes since the joggers are all they see me in these days. So. COMFY. I’ve already added other colors to my Christmas list and purchased a few for my friends for their Christmas gifts. I’m wearing a size 6. I sized up because I wanted a looser fit but would suggest going with your normal size. You can stop into a lululemon store for a fitting and they can make sure you are wearing the correct size.

Another piece I’ve really enjoyed in the Pack It Down Jacket I wore this at the beach a few weeks ago when they had a cold front come through as was surprised at how warm it kept me. I am definitely considering the longer version next. I’m wearing a size 6 and would size it fits me true to size.

I work out with my Aunt who is a Personal Trainer and owns a gym here in Atlanta – Grit Studios. She also does Skype workouts with her clients who can’t come in to the studio each week. I’ve loved this time with her! She wrote up a sample workout that we do for y’all to try during the holidays. It’s an easy workout that can be done with only your body – no equipment needed that will keep you active during this busy holiday season.



Warm Up:
– Jog or march in place for 1 minute
– Big arm circles: 10 each way
– Standing Elbows to Knees: Hands behind the head, bring elbow to diagonal knee. Alternate. 30 sec.

Here We Go:
Stairs: Go up and down the stairs, either walking or running. At bottom complete the following:
– 10 push-ups: On knees or toes.
– 15 mountain climbers: push-up position, bring one knee to chest then the other. Count 1 for both
knees. Do these slowly or fast.
– 15 Sit to Stands: Using chair go from sitting position to standing position. For added cardio jump at top.
– 15 Straight Leg Crunches: Hands behind head, legs straight. Raise shoulder off ground only.
– 10 Body Weight Shoulder Presses: Butt in air, knees slightly bent, head down and looking at feet.
Touch head to floor if possible.

Chris also put together a little something for y’all that includes his favorite Lululemon pieces that he trained and wore during his recent marathon. These pieces would be great if you are looking to gift athletic wear to the fitness lover on your list!


As a runner, who is also a heavy sweater, great moisture wicking gear is a must have. While training for and subsequently running the Chicago Marathon, I relied on lululemon. During the hot Atlanta summer my go to top was the Metal Vent Breath Tank. While it was light and breathable, is also did a great job of absorbing sweat without taking on weight. For shorts, I prefer them to have an interior liner so the Pace Breaker with Liner was the best option for me. What is important to me is the zippered pockets that I could keep a house key and ID in while out on my long runs. As the temperature began to drop I added the Metal Vent Tech Half Zip and the Surge Jogger to the rotation. Again, the most important feature for me is moisture wicking and both do a great job of keeping me dry while also not getting too heavy as the miles get higher and higher. While running the Marathon I wore the Metal Vent Breath Tank with the Metal Vent Tech Quarter Zip over it and even after 26.2 miles both were holding strong and had barely taken on any weight. As the new year approaches and I continue my long runs, I am excited for the Surge Warm 1/2 Zip to keep me warm but not overheated during my morning jogs.

I hope this info is helpful as you are searching for new activewear. Let me know if you try the workout, too! The Align leggings and energy sports bra are perfect to wear during this quick sweat session!

Today’s post was sponsored by lululemon. As always, all opinions are my own. Photos by Naomi Hopkins Photography

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