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31 July |


Some of you may know that we recently moved to a new house in February. When we first moved in, I threw Chris a surprise 30th birthday party one week later so I was just getting our home decor from our old house on the walls so the place wouldn’t be bare for his party! Now, we are taking the time to redecorate and get everything set up the way we want it to be for the long term.

Today on the blog, I’m teaming up with The Home Depot to share how we redecorated our second floor hallway. Did you know that The Home Depot has amazing home decor? If you have forever thought the only thing you can buy at the Depot is tools and appliances, allow me to share my new favorite section with you!

Our second floor consists of four bedrooms plus the laundry room. There are a lot of doors in the hallway and one open wall space that needed some love. I decided to add a console table and mirror combination to fill the space. I love lamps and have them in just about every corner of our house so a hallway lamp was a must. Plus, how gorgeous is this clear/brass table lamp?


The Home Depot had several options for both the console table and the mirror. I was so happy to see their wide selection on their website. Both of the options come in several styles and colors so if you want a little more farmhouse, there are several options for you! The mirror we choose does offer the option to hang but we liked being able to set on the table and lean it against the wall.

As for the rest of the decorations, we just added a few baskets to the bottom of the table. I had a few hardback books that I’d finished reading so I took off the covers and turned the books around as decoration. Next, we added a small vase filled with fresh eucalyptus and a candle. I wanted this space to be inviting, yet simple.

We ordered all of our decor online and I was pleasantly surprised with how quick the shipping was! The process of ordering through the The Home Depot website was super easy. I will warn you now though, prepare to get sucked in to all the good finds you are about to see on their site. We could spent a few hours redecorating every room with all the options (Chris would have killed me)! Nonetheless, I think you will love what The Home Depot has to offer and I can’t wait to hear what great pieces you find!


Today’s blog post was sponsored by The Home Depot. As always, all opinions are my own.

Photos by KVC Photography

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