Easy Work Wear Look For When You’re Short On Time

24 February |
Easy work wear look

I know how it can be when you’re trying to rush out the door and you walk into your closet, stressed because you have to come up with an outfit on the fly. Anytime I’m in a pinch like this my go to look is grabbing a dress and running out the door! This is my go-to easy work wear look for spring and summer! Simply grab your favorite dress and pair it with neutral heels, or flats, grab your bag and you’re ready to go. You may even have time to stop for an iced coffee!

When it comes to dress, one of my favorite retailers to snag them from is Target! I love that they always have a variety of options that transition well from week to weekend. Right now Target is having a huge sale, 20% off all dresses with the Target circle app. Plus if you use your Target card you receive and extra 5% off! Not bad, considering most of their dresses are $40 or less.

easy work wear look

To instantly take an dress to the next level all you have to do it add a heel! If you aren’t one for height, then throw on flats but add a blazer over the top. This will instantly give any seemingly casual dress a more professional feel. I love this one from Target! Below I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite dresses I’m loving right now.


In case you need a little more inspiration, head on over to LiketoKnow.it for even more content! I recently did a full Target dress try-on, so you can see exactly how each of my favorite Target dresses fit and just how versatile they can be. Not to mention if you have a spring wedding, shower or event of any kind, now might be a great time to buy and relieve a little stress later.



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