Chris’s Picks | Men’s Looks from the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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Hi friends, I’m back, and this time is to discuss the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Now if you are anything like Brittany, you are probably pretty excited about this sale. I am here to tell you to get excited for the menswear as well. But first a little background. My mom worked at Nordstrom for years so the Anniversary sale and Holiday sale were always pretty busy in the Sjogren household. Over the years though, I have been able to develop a strategy on how I tackle the sale and the certain items I target. So without further adieu, here are my tried and true tips and tricks. 

Where to Invest – Suits

First, big price items that are not necessarily used everyday, but can be long term purchases. My first suggestion is suits. As someone who wears a suit to work everyday, I go through quite a few suits per year. For my typical work wear, I keep a steady mix of Jos A Bank suits at the ready, and even though they have gotten better at making modern fitting suits over the years, I like having a few nicer suits in the closet.

This is where the Anniversary Sale fits in. Whether its for a big meeting, a wedding, or any other formal event, I have been able to get a nice quality suit from brands like Peter Millar, Ted Baker, and Hugo Boss. All three fit true to size with Ted Baker being the slimmest, followed by Hugo Boss, and lastly Peter Millar being the loosest of the group. As a guy with an athletic build I prefer the Peter Millar as it still fits well, but has a little more room in case I decide to have an extra piece of wedding cake before getting back to the dance floor. Now I know suits are expensive, but honestly you get what you pay for and if you purchase one of these, with proper care, it will last you years. Plus, they are all on major sales, which obviously takes the sting out of it.

Versatile Loafers

If you want to add to the outfit, my favorite Cole Haan loafers are also on a major sale. I love them because I can dress them up in a suit or dress them down in a nice pair of jeans. As an fyi with Cole Haan I always size down a half size(11.5 Nikes = 11 Cole Haans).

Travel Essentials

The other high price item I would look at is luggage and travel accessories. Much like the suits, you get what you pay for, and that is why I cannot recommend TUMI any higher. I first purchased my TUMI gear three years ago when I had to travel for work. With my job I was traveling roughly 30%, and my carry on luggage and backpack made it through each and every trip. For this sale, their new products are 20-30% off, and I promise if you are in the market for a new Carry On, Travel Backpack, Duffle Bag, or Dop Kit, these products will certainly not disappoint. 

Winter Jackets

If you aren’t in the market for a new suit or luggage, my next pointer is to look at winter jackets. Yes, we live in Georgia, and yes I still own winter jackets. To all my northern friends, don’t judge me! You might have heard it here before, but the Patagonia Better Sweater Jacket, is a staple for me when the temperature falls. One thing I love is that they recently made the switch to make the Pullover and Quarter-Zip a slim fit cut. I would still order your regular size but I would consider it a base layer jacket and not something you can pile clothes on under. If you need more of a “winter” jacket, the Nano Puff is a quality lightweight option. If you are looking for something a little more versatile, then I would recommend this Barbour Jacket. I love my Barbour because I can dress it up or down and for as light as it is, really keeps me warm. Add in the fact that its 30% off, and I think you have yourself a steal. 

Everyday Essentials

My last pointer, is everyday essentials. What is the one piece of clothing that you wear everyday? Underwear! (At least I hope…) Now if you are like me, I never believed in spending on underwear. Well that was until I got my first pair of Tommy John’s from Nordstrom Rack. They are incredible. And yes, I am fully aware that they are expensive, and no my drawer isn’t filled with these, but for those few days every laundry cycle that I get to put these on, I know I am going to have a good day. Fellas, I promise give them a try, it will be well worth it!


The other items I look for are workout/lounge gear. This year the one product that really caught my eye was the Nike Yoga Shorts. They are not your traditional workout mesh style shorts as they are a little thicker but are incredibly soft. These are about to become my go to lounge wear. If you do need new workout shorts, and prefer shorts that don’t have the inner liner, than these Nike Vent Shorts are a great option for you. I plan on pairing the shorts with these Nike Epic Sneakers, that run a little small so I would suggest a half size up(I went with a 12 over my normal 11.5). They are incredibly cushioned and the flyknit upper molds to your foot for a relaxed comfortable ride. 

Polo Shirts

For us guys, we have about 1000 less items in the sale than the Womens selection but if you are in the market for any of the above categories you can still find yourself a good purchase. If you just want to add to your closet, I get that too. I am on a big polo kick, and would highly recommend this Vineyard Vines (tts) or Peter Millar (size down). Need to add a nice button down to the collection? Go with my new favorite Mizzen+Main. I am a big fan of these because they shape well and have a dry fit esque feel to them.  If you need a new pair of “dressed down dress shoes” these Cole Haans (Full Size down, 10.5 for me) pair great with a nice pair of dark jeans and a blazer.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of options, and my hope is I might have helped get your shopping started. Enjoy the sale and I will see y’all in the stories.  


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