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17 August |


This week marks 15 weeks of pregnancy! I still remember the night we found out. We were going to the doctor on a Thursday morning to do blood work (we did IVF and I plan to share more about that later) but we decided to test early. I think we were on day 9 after the embryo transfer so our chances of getting a positive or negative with this test was really high.

We were both so nervous to look at the results. We had seen the negative sign more times that I care to admit. I had a feeling that this time would be different. After the longest two minutes of our lives, we finally looked! I couldn’t believe it said PREGNANT in bold letters. We held each other and cried for about ten minutes. It worked! We were pregnant!!

And here we are, 15 weeks later! What a cool time these last few weeks have been. My body has been changing like crazy and I love it. I’ve been really lucky and have not had any sickness. I’ve had some nausea but mostly around when it’s time to eat. I’ve also been SO TIRED. Like to the point where I would need an afternoon nap every day. Thankfully that stage is over! It’s funny because I’ve always been a big sleeper. I need a good eight hours of sleep each night so my family always joked that when I got pregnant I would just sleep all the time. Well that was pretty true for my first trimester. Eat, work, sleep, repeat!

Chris and I decided to do a blood test at ten weeks that would test our babies chromosomes to see if there were any genetic issues. Along with this test, they can tell what the sex of the baby will be. Backtrack, when doing IVF, you can do genetic testing on the embryos and know all of these same answers but we decided against that. We wanted to be pregnant before we did any testing.

Just last week, we had a gender reveal party and found out that we are having a girl!!! EEEKKKK!!! I’m sure you have already heard this news but we are over the moon excited! We had two names picked out that we felt certain about, one for a boy and for a girl. We decided on the name Collins Sabina Sjogren for our sweet little girl! Honestly, we had this named picked out wayyyy before we found out we were pregnant. Chris and I talked kids and future kids names while we were dating and Collins was always a name at the top of the list. We decided on her middle name, Sabina, because it’s a family name. Sabina is my mom’s name and my middle name. I hope that Collins will want to keep the tradition going for her first daughter too!

The last few weeks it’s seemed like my belly has really started to pop. I’m amazed how pregnancy can literally look different on everyone! I’m so thankful and happy to have the bump around now. I don’t know when it pops for most people and some have told me that IVF babies usually pop sooner (have no idea if that is true or why that would happen) but regardless of the reason, I’m just happy the bump is here.

I’ve gotten a few questions that I want to share answers to. If you have other questions, make sure to comment below and I’ll get to them in my next bump update!

  1. Will you be sharing more about your IVF journey? The answer is yes, I plan to. It’s a very personal matter to Chris and I but I think we will share more of our journey in the future!
  2. Will you be sharing maternity style? YES!! I’m sure that as soon as my regular clothes aren’t fitting right anymore, I’ll be shopping all the best maternity stores! I’ve had several readers reach out and say they are pregnant so we are in this together! For those of you who aren’t pregnant, I will continue to share non-maternity styles too!


Today’s outfit consists of a floral button up blouse (sooo cute for fall) and dark denim! My top is true to size and perfect for a growing belly or a nursing mama. The buttons are functional and there is so much room for growth. My jeans are a stretchy, dark wash with a little distressing. I sized up but would suggest going with your normal size. I added an espadrille sneaker to the mix and cannot tell you how comfy they are! Like you seriously need to run and grab this pair of shoes ASAP – thank you Vince Camuto for sending them my way. I can’t wait to wear them in Hawaii next week! My purse is from Mud Pie but is part of their new arrivals for fall. Sadly it’s not online yet but I will let you know as soon as it is!

Thank you so much for stopping by Loverly Grey today! A friend at the Gender Reveal party suggested  that I rebrand to Loverly Pink. I’m sure we will have LOTS of pink here over the next few months!

Photos by KVC Photography

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  1. So exciting! So jealous of your bump I’m 16 weeks and got nothing. People keep telling me how I don’t look pregnant. Love all the bump friendly clothing you’re posting! I’m so excited for you!

  2. So excited for you!! So excited for Collins to have such awesome parents! ~ Sweetscoopscelebrations.

  3. Thank you for all you share. I’m so excited for you. I was so glad that you were not one the pregnant bloggers that refers to her growing baby as “the bump”. Take care.

  4. So excited!! Yes, please do share more about your TTC journey. I’m struggling with this right now. Please share any tips or tricks you did along the way or diet changes on how you prepared your body for baby. Thank you for being a resource for future mamas too ????????????

  5. Congrats on Collins! Love the name. I’m 11 weeks myself and will definitely need you for fashion inspiration throughout this journey. <3