What Santa’s Bringing The Girls For Christmas

8 December |
What Santa's Bringing The Girls

The holiday season is such special time to be able to celebrate family and the many blessings throughout the year. We love keeping family traditions alive like pictures with Santa every year or seeing lights as a family. The girls are still young and don’t quiet understand Santa and all his magic, but we still like to gift them a few toys that we know they will love and use daily to celebrate the season and the true meaning of Christmas. I though it would be fun to share what Santa’s bringing the girls for Christmas this year!

What Santa's Bringing The Girls

We are very fortunate to have family that love to gift the girls toys for Christmas so we try to keep what we give to a minimum. Chris and I always gravitate towards the learning toys that promote sensory, fine motor skills and will keep them engaged for months to come. A pro tip is to rotate through the toys. Any time they have a birthday or at the holidays, we let them open their presents and then put most of the toys away until a later date. This way they play with a few toys they love now and when they become bored with them we will break out the other toys and continue the rotation.

What Santa's Bringing The Girls

Since we have two girls so close in age, Hazel will have the ability to play with the majority of Collins’ toys. With Hazel being 6 months we opted to keep it simple with some sweet bows and a customized wooden puzzle. I also grabbed this plush rattle set that I have a feeling she is going to love!

What Santa's Bringing The Girls For Christmas

For Collins’ we decided to get her one big toy, which will be her first bike and then will have a few smaller items that we know she will get a ton of use out of. She loves to help in the kitchen so we thought this helping stool would be great for her age! She also loves to help around the house. When I spotted this toy Dyson vacuum I knew she would love it.


I also picked up a few sensory toys that help encourage her development like this fruit cutting set, xylophone and hedgehog. Each of which promotes the use of her fine motor and problem solving skills. I also grabbed this Water Wow sketch pad, to put in her stocking. It’s fun while also gives her the opportunity to practice holding the pen correctly and scribbling.

Collins loves anything that is fun and lets her little mind race. A ton of her favorite toys are from Target, which is having an amazing sale this week. They are doing $10 off a $50 purchase of toys or $25 off $100 purchase on toys. I’ve rounded up some of her favorite items in case you need some more inspiration for your little one!




Thank you to Jessica Quinones for these magical Santa Portraits! If you are in the Atlanta, Ga. area and in need of an amazing family photographer, I can’t recommend Jessica enough. Not only is she made up of pure goodness, but she is so talented and somehow manages to capture beautiful family photos amongst the chaos of having two under two. We’ve shot with her multiple times over the years. See more of our family pictures from Jessica HERE.

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