Deck The Halls with Holiday Home Decor

7 December |
Holiday Decor

One of the best parts of the holiday season is decking the halls with holiday decor! It’s so fun to create magical moments throughout our home. Especially now that Collins is starting to understand the concept of holidays more, it’s so sweet to be able to see Christmas through her eyes!

Today on the blog I’ve rounded up a collection of all the best holiday decor that’s out there this year. If you’re anything like me you like to add a little something new to my holiday decor each year! Below you’ll find everything from a white wonderland Christmas to a more traditional and even farmhouse aesthetic.

Deck The Halls with Holiday Decor

We have been loving our flocked Christmas tree! It’s so pretty at night when it’s all lit up. Our new home has a larger foyer so I’m able to put a styled, more elegant “grown up” tree right when you walk in the door and a family tree with more sentimental ornaments in the living space. This works for our family so that I can still have a beautiful tree while also being able to cherish the more homemade, sentimental ornaments too! It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Deck The Halls with Holiday Decor

Usually my go-to retailers for holiday decor are Target and Kirklands. They both have a great variety and selection in store and online. I love that they have items that cater to a variety of different Christmas decor styles. This year I opted for a winter wonderland theme with creamy whites and lots of neutrals. But I also love a traditional color pallet like red and green too!

Deck The Halls with Holiday Decor

When it comes to choosing your holiday decor I always recommend starting with a tree you love and pillow or two for inspiration on your color pallet. Once you have that established it’s easy to work your way out from there! In the example above the primary colors are a traditional red and green. But as to not over do it, we layered in varying textures and neutral colors to help balance the primary colors, giving it a warm and cozy feel!

Below you find even more of my holiday home decor favorites with everything you need to deck your halls this holiday season!


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