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24 October |

With the holidays just around the corner, I decided it was time to FINALLY finish our third floor guest bathroom. Our third floor consists of Chris’s man cave (check this post from last year to see how I surprised him with it), a guest bedroom and bathroom, plus storage. With this being Collins’ first Christmas, we are hoping to host at our house so I wanted this bathroom ready for whoever will be here with us! 

The bathroom is a pretty good size and had a large blank wall. I love shelving but didn’t want to install permanent wall shelves so I brought my gold bookshelf from another room up to fill the wall and give me a space for decorations & towels. The main goal here was to make this bathroom homey and not so boring and cold like it previously was. I added plants, photos, pumpkins and a few knick knacks I had, then found a basket at Walmart to hold wash clothes. This basket would also be great for holding toilet paper on the bottom shelf. Some of the decorations are from Hobby Lobby and we’re items I previously had. 

I also added a new shower curtain. I love the black and white pattern. It’s from the Better Homes & Garden brand at Walmart. Their quality is really good and the price is great so it allowed me to make this update on a budget. The bath mats, trash can and soap dispenser are also from the Better Homes and Garden bath collection. I highly recommend checking out their online selection – so much better than what you will find in store! 

A few things I like to have on hand in my guest bathrooms: 

  1. Matches! 
  2. Tampons hidden in a jar on the toilet. 
  3. Towels in a visible spot that are okay for your guests to use. 
  4. Extra toiletries under the sink just in case your guest forgot something at home. 
  5. Tide to go pens, tums, toothpaste and extra toothbrushes are great extras to have on hand too. 

Let us know if you have any tips for hosting guests! 

Thanks for stopping by! Today’s post is sponsored by Walmart. As always, all opinions are my own! Photos by Naomi Hopkins Photography

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