The (best) Hands Free Breast Pump

30 October |
The best breast pump

If you follow along with me on Instagram stories then you’ve likely heard me rave about the Elvie Pump. I genuinely feel like the Elvie Pump is THE BEST breast pump on the market. That’s a pretty bold statement coming from a mama that’s used a completely different breast pump the first go around. The Elvie is the only silent, wearable, and hands-free pump, made with women in mind. Which is why I’m so excited to share my experience with you all, plus a discount code!


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The best breast pump

Here’s the thing, being a mom and trying to figure out how to best keep your tiny human alive is challenging on its own. Let alone, trying to navigate difficult to use pumps that are just plain out dated.

When I had Collins I used the Medela pump in style pump. While it worked well, truth be told, I felt discouraged and frustrated. If I wanted to pump I was constantly tied to a wall because the pump had to be plugged in. In addition, it was noisy and I had to use both hands to secure it in place as the pumping bras just didn’t seem to do the trick. Which meant for multiple times a day the only thing I could do was pump, multi-tasking was not an option. When we found out we were having Hazel I knew this wasn’t going to be realistic with new a young toddler AND a newborn baby. That’s exactly why I love the Elvie Pump! It gives me freedom to pump and confidence to do it anytime.

The best breast pump


I have been using the Elvie exclusively this go around with Hazel and I could not be more happy. I usually wear a nursing tank or bra (you can use a regular bra, but I suggest one without padding) and am able to pop it in while being hands free! This has been such a game changer. Because now I can pump while playing with Collins or cooking dinner (just kidding we all know Chris does the cooking), or even driving!

The best breast pump

Aside from being hands free the Elvie pump is almost completely silent! There is a slight hum but not anything noticeable and nothing in comparison to other pumps on the market. Plus, it’s obviously cordless which means no dealing with tubing or tethered to a wall! The battery on the pump is great. I usually charge mine after every third pump session or at night while I’m sleeping. I am also super impressed with the rapid charge on the pumps. They are usually fully charged within an hour or two.

The best breast pump

Another added bonus is the advanced technology on the Elvie. You can connect to the free Elvie app on your phone and monitor milk volume in real time, track pumping history for each breast and control the pump remotely. Plus, the Elvie Pump automatically switches from Stimulation into Expression mode when it detects let-down and will pause when the bottle is full. One less thing to think about!

There are also 7 intensity settings so you can adjust it to your comfort level. For me, I can tell such a difference in my supply. Currently I can pump about 6oz per session whereas this time with Collins I was only able to produce 3-4oz per session. This is so helpful to be able to have supply on hand in case Chris or my Mom want to feed Hazel. It’s even encouraging to know that I’ll likley able to feed Hazel breast milk much longer at this rate!

The best breast pump

We have used the Kiinde bottle system with girls and have loved it. I take the milk from the Elvie Pump and transfer it directly to the Kiinde bags and then store accordingly. It makes life so much easier!

The Elvie Pump also offers a 2-year warranty and FREE SHIPPING on all orders. Plus on top of the 15% discount they are offering with code LoverlyGrey15, you can also use your HSA/FSA funds to pay. If you don’t have a HSA account you can submit the receipt to your insurance for reimbursement.

All photos were taken by KVC Photography. Check her out on instagram @kvcphotography.

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  1. Would it work just as good with just one pump? Also, do you have to buy any more accessories to go with it or just the pump?