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As I sit here eating tootsie rolls from last night’s Halloween left overs, I’m thinking about what my goals will be for November. I am a very goal oriented and driven person. One thing my job has taught me has been to always set goals for myself and post them publicly. So either on my desk or print them out and share them with at least one person.

So as I’m trying to grow Loverly Grey…that’s exactly what I am going to do here – write out my goals. Plus I feel like y’all will hold me accountable.

Some are small goals. Some are dream goals. Some are personal. Some I just want to talk about with y’all.

I would also love to hear from you about what you want to see from me for the November & December months.


1. Write at least 3 blog posts every week in November. This is a goal because writing is sometimes hard for me. I can whip up a caption for an instagram post in a second but when it comes to writing blog posts, I’m always thinking, “will anyone actually care about this”? But if i’m helping just one person with my posts then that’s worth it to me!

2. Do at least 3 collaborations. I think working with others to grow both of our brands is what this is all about. I would love to start working with 3 new brands on collaborations through for this month! If you are interested – email me!

3. Save more money! We save money from our paychecks each check right now but I would love to figure a way to save a little more or even invest money in other places.

4. Finish decorating our house. We moved in a year ago and I still have empty walls. I didn’t expect our house to be fully decorated after a week or anything but I feel like we need to finish off a few rooms. Specifically, I would like to hang art in the guest bedroom and on the stairwell. I would also like to find a new rug for our living room!

5. Find a church home. This one will probably take more than a month but you never know. I grew up going to church but over time recently we have stopped going every Sunday. I think it’s because we have moved and sadly didn’t make it a priority (if i’m being honest). I would love to start the process to worship weekly and find a good spot that Chris and I can both agree on. He is Catholic and I grew up Baptist. We are both open to trying new things. This is a big one for me. I want to raise my kids in church and teach them everything that was taught to me. Any recommendations in the Roswell/Alpharetta area would be awesome!

6. This one is kind of obvious but I want to impact more people. It’s hard to measure exactly how that will happen but I think if I continue to make an effort and be as real as possible with each post, that will happen!

7. I want to come up with a way to “shop my closet”. I’m still trying to figure out what this means but I basically want to put together outfits I already have to show y’all a few trends for fall. We will see where this one goes…

So those are my goals for November!

I can’t let y’all go without sharing something related to fashion. Thankfully it’s still hot in Georgia so we are able to wear sleeveless sweaters around like it’s nothing. The weather is one thing I just do not get….like why is it hot still?

Anyway, i’ve linked some of my favorite sleeveless sweater and I think y’all will love them!

Thanks for stopping by!

Photos by Paige Molina

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  1. Hi Brittany! I love following your blog, I think you’re doing great. Some things I’d love to see here are a day in your life, hair and beauty routine, lifestyle posts, career posts. I’m currently decorating my house too and I feel your pain. Loloi Rugs have some amazing and beautiful rugs, if you haven’t looked at them yet! Rugs USA has some great rugs at steal prices as well!

    Happy Friday!

  2. I highly recommend NorthPoint church. It is considered non denominational but def has some Baptist background. They have a great series called NP Nights that focuses on young couples. If you want to come all the way out to Gwinnett my husband and I attend the Gwinnett campus and absolutely love it :). The churches are great for younger couples and if you plan on starting a family they have wonderful children environments. My husband grew up Catholic and I Methodist and we both love the church! They also have a campus in Buckhead.