Blue Cotton Ruffle Dress

7 November |









Dress \\ Booties \\ Leopard Print Scarf (similar here) \\ Watch \\ David Yurman \\ Earrings

When Anthropologie has a 20% off all dresses sale — you go!! At first I thought it was 20% off regular prices dresses (which was fine because there were plenty of those I had my eye one) but thankfully I was mistaken! The sale included this beautiful blue ruffle dress. Just use the code: winwin at checkout!

So this dress is amazing because it feels like a sweatshirt. Talk about the best dress to run errands in. AND still look cute!

And the color…can we talk about how pretty this blue is? It reminds of Winter. Like when people add a little ice blue to Christmas….that’s what it reminds me of. And anything that reminds me of Christmas must be awesome!

So I am writing a random Sunday post to tell you to hurry your booty over to Anthropologie to check out this dress (and a few others) that are on sale right now!!

Here are my current favorites:

Happy Sunday, Loves!

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