My Three Favorite Coffee Drinks Currently

20 May |

Going to work on Monday isn’t always fun so why not try spicing up your coffee order for your drive in. Whether that’s a brewed cup of your favorite coffee at home or and iced latte at the coffee shop on the way to the office, there’s something about a yummy cup that makes it all better!

I want to share three of my favorite coffee drinks with you! We have a Keurig coffee machine that I use at home and my go-to k-cup is the Peanut Butter Chocolate by Market and Main. My mom bought this flavor for me right after Collins was born and I’ve been addicted ever since! I usually drink it with a sweet cream creamer or heavy whipping cream.

When we are out and about, I often have a Starbucks Iced Coffee in my hand. Lately, my favorite drink has been a grande iced coffee with vanilla syrup and heavy whipping cream. It’s the right amount sweet but not too sweet. Sometimes when you order it they ask if you want classic syrup (their simple sweetener) and I decline that and opt for only vanilla syrup. I could drink one (or two) of these every day!

And lastly, this option is more of a seasonal drink, but it’s called a Lavender Chill and it’s from Crazy Love Coffee House in Roswell. It’s an Iced Latte with Vanilla and Lavender. SOOO good! It was a speciality drink on their menu in April but they can still make it for you now if you don’t see it on the menu. Anna and I love ending our afternoons with this drink. Crazy Love is also the cutest coffee shop and has a ton of seating if you are looking for a fun place to work from!

Now that you know what I’m drinking on this Monday, let’s move onto what I’m wearing. I’ve been partnering with Banana Republic to share their new arrivals with you. Aside from the dresses I’ve shared recently, I also love shopping at Banana for work pants – I used to wear the Sloan pants to work every week!

Today I’m wearing the High-Rise Wide-Leg pants in Royal Blue! I opted for this pair and color because of their bold silhouette. Nothing like making a statement on a Monday morning! They fit long (I’m 5’5) and have them on with a heel. They are a comfy material and actually feel cool for the warmer weather of spring and summer. They are true to size and I’m wearing size zero.

I’m linking my top and purse, along with a few other new arrivals below. Let me know what you think of the coffee if you try any of my favorites!

Thank you to Banana Republic for gifting the pieces in today’s post. Photos by KVC Photography.

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  1. Thank you for the coffee drinks! Love you in this outfit! I would be so thrilled if you and Anna could follow me. @barrielw. I just love you guys!❤️