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Hello Friends! I still can’t believe that I am a mom of two. Hazel is now 8 weeks old so I felt like sharing a little bit of my postpartum journey makes sense. Since Hazel is my second child, I figured I “knew” what the few weeks/months/year after birth would look like. But let me tell you, it’s veryyy different with each baby!

For starters, I am wayyyy more emotional this time around. Like I’ll random start crying at the silliest things. In my head, I’m thinking that I have no clue why I’m crying, but I just am. I’ve heard that hormones leave your body in three ways, you cry them out, sweat them out (night sweats PP are no joke) or you nurse them out. I had horrible night sweats with Collins and I guess tears are my thing this time around. 

Poor Chris. He will look over and I’m just melting into a puddle and the poor guy is just as confused as can be. One piece of advice I have for you if you are pregnant is to talk to your husband about the changes your body is about to go through PP. They don’t understand the intensity of your hormonal shift and you are going to experience lots of emotions right away. Having a partner that is prepared for the craziness is very beneficial and will save you from arguments and fights within those first few weeks. I still remember a crazy look I gave Chris after I had Collins. If looks could kill, Chris would be dead. So give yourself and your partner lots of grace. It’s okay to remind each other to give grace as well. Communication is key! 


My body has definitely changed since having Hazel. I feel like my hips widened out more with her and things are NOT just “bouncing back” into place. Which, to be honest, I hate that phrase. I’m sure people mean it as a compliment when they say, “wow, you have just bounced right back” or “did you even have a baby” or my personal favorite, “how did you just have a baby?” To which I want to respond, “the same way everyone else has a baby.” I can assure you that I have not bounced back. My tummy is mushie and my abs are gone. My hips are wider and the back of my legs and butt is covered in cellulite. All of which I am 100% okay with. I’m okay with these changes because they show that my body worked hard to carry Hazel for 10 months. How can I expect to just “bounce back” within a few weeks? It’s unrealistic (for most) but that is okay!! 

Also clothing can be your best friend right now. Knowing what to wear to feel more confident with my new body has helped me a lot. Also, very thankful that oversized t-shirts, workout clothes and lounge wear are all very “in” right now! Considering style outfits is my job, I hope that you will be encouraged to try some of my postpartum looks if this is your current season of life. Encouraging others to always look and feel my best has always been my goal with this space. I truly hope you feel that!

It’s soooo easy to get lost in the comparison trap as a postpartum, new mom. Not only are you trying to figure out life with a tiny human, you are also trying to figure out your new body. It’s a lot and honestly, social media does not help that one bit. A good rule of thumb is to remember that what you see on social media, specifically mine, is about 25% of my daily life. Sometimes I share more but there is a LOT going on behind the scenes each day that I don’t share. Think of Instagram as a Highlight Reel. I try to always be open and honest and will always share that way, but there are parts of my life that are private. 


This time around, I am using the Elvie breast pump to pump for Hazel and I love it! Truly feel like a different person when it comes to pumping. Chris will tell anyone how much the Elvie has lifted my mood. I hated, I mean HATED, being stuck to a wall with my Medela with Collins. I know there are attachments and batteries I could have used but none of that will compare to the portable pump I use now. I started using the Elvie pump one week in with Hazel, mostly just relieving pressure and eventually to store milk for future use. I pump one to two times a day but can move around and still do things. It’s been great with Collins since she is very active. I can play with her while I’m pumping – truly can’t imagine life without it! 

The biggest thing I’ve learned so far on this postpartum journey is to give myself grace. I don’t have to do it all. I can take a break. I can and should ask for help. It’s okay to cry and get emotional. I know that my body is still changing so hormonal shifts are to be expected. Accepting that has made a huge difference for me. 

Thanks for being here and for reading today’s post. Feel free to drop any advice for new moms in the comments below. Have a great day!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m 12 weeks pp and I was amazed how fast my body recovered from birth but the emotions are a whole different issue. I still feel so emotional and just is sensitive! I also try to not be too hard on myself when I see the mushy tummy and realize I’m so out of shape. My body did an amazing thing so I remind myself that every day, especially on the hard days!!

  2. Great post! I am expecting my third and can totally relate to this post thinking back on life after I had my other babies. They really are all so different! Was wondering…do you have any posts on what tips/tools you used for managing your natural labor/births? I am planning on having this next one sans epidural (eeek) and would love to hear what worked for you. Thanks!

  3. I love how real you are in this post. I was so thankful to have a friend who was real and honest with me about postpartum life so I felt like I was better prepared for all the craziness that happens. It’s a sweet time but also a hard time. Thank you for being so real 🙂 one of the many reasons I continue to follow you!

  4. This was such a good read! I have an 18 month old and a 2 month old. So living a similar life in regard to the new challenge of having two babies so close. They are my world but it isn’t always easy. This was so good for me to read ♥️

  5. thanks for sharing this! I’m also a mom to 2 girls (2nd born April 2020) and my body has not “bounced back” like it did after my first was born. I keep reminding myself that I’ve brought two humans into this world and am learning to give myself extra grace!

  6. It’s always nice to hear from someone else (another mama) perspective on postpartum. Especially when you feel like you may be the only one who is feeling super emotional these days.
    Just curious, but you did not comment on postpartum during COVID. It has definitely been different this time around, with maternity leave. Has it been for you as well.

    Thanks again! xoxo

    • For sure! we were all at home and a few months leading up to the birth Collins was home with us as well! So times were definitely different this go round with all of the precautions we have had to take!

  7. I’m expecting my first baby in November and have found it hard falling into the comparison trap with pregnancy – everyone else seems to be managing so much better and I have had really bad morning sickness (I still do at 26w) and no energy. I am petite and lost weight initially but now I feel huge and strange in my body. Reading this really helped me to see that giving myself time and grace throughout this phase and when I reach the postpartum phase are really what I need to do. Thanks for sharing so honestly with us!

  8. Loved reading this post!! Any idea on how the Elvie compares to the Willow? Same price so it’s hard to tell the difference haha! Thanks again for sharing!

    • I’m not sure as I’ve only used the Elvie, but I have a friend that is in a facebook group for both of them and has learned a lot about each from that group!!

  9. So well said about the postpartum journey! You are an inspiration. I would love for the advertising industry to interview you and spread the world of the postpartum journey in the media….books, magazines, commercials, etc!

  10. what a lovely read. I am 7 weeks PP and the hormones are real ! I even watered up while I read your blog post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Agree, I’m in the same “body” boat with a 7 month old, hormones were the worst second go around, and I am learning to give myself grace! You’re doing a great job!

  11. Hi have you written a a full review on the Elvie yet? Also trying to remember if you said if your insurance covered any of it?

    • I have not written a review but have shared about it several times on Instagram!! You can check there!! I did not get mine covered by insurance but a lot of people say that they have gotten it covered either partially or fully!