Morningside Kitchen Oyster Roast

6 April |

Happy Thursday! I’m so excited to share a few of my weekend plans with you guys. I have lots of things going on this weekend because I’m taking over Jezebel Magazine‘s Instagram account! What this is means is that I will be taking y’all through Atlanta to a few great restaurants, events and spas for an Atlanta stay-cation!

One of my stops on Saturday will be at Morningside Kitchen’s First Annual Oyster Roast! I’m really excited about this event because I just recently became a huge fan of oysters. I always thought they were weird and slimy and honestly I prefer my saltine crackers plain or with peanut butter, but when I was in Charleston recently, something changed my mind and now I can’t get enough of them!

I actually haven’t been to Morningside Kitchen yet but I love the location and this part of Atlanta is so quaint. I was checking over their menu and the food sounds amazing. I’ve also heard nothing but good things about their brunch set up and know we will be back to try the Morningside Omelette and Stuffed French Toast….like omg my mouth is watering just writing about it!

A few more details on the event this weekend… The Oyster Roast will be held at Morningside Kitchen in the heart of Atlanta’s Morningside neighborhood. Tickets are $40.99 and include access to the event along with two drink tickets. You will be able to enjoy live music from Honeywood, cocktails by American Spirit Whiskey, Sam Adams beer and unlimited (Yes, UNLIMITED) fresh roasted, raw and stewed oysters. The best part is that a portion of the proceeds from the event will go to Morningside Elementary School! So not only do you get to eat all the oysters you can stand and enjoy a few adult beverages…you are supporting a local school!

I would love to see you there! If you don’t have plans yet, you should make these your plans for Saturday! The event is from 2pm-6pm on this Saturday, April 8th. Chris is a huge oyster fan so he cannot wait to try them out! We will also be there with a few friends and hope to see you there!

The Facebook Group for this event is attached here. And i’ve included a few pictures of the inside of Morningside Kitchen so if you can’t make it this weekend, you should definitely stop by in the future! Restaurants with exposed brick on the inside are sure to be good in my opinion!

Make sure to follow along on both Jezebel’s & Loverly Grey’s Instagram this weekend! Can’t wait to show you what we have in store for y’all!

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