How To Nail The Monochromatic Look

15 April |
How To Nail The Monochromatic Look

I can’t think of anything more chic than a monochromatic look. But pulling it off without looking like you got dressed in the dark can be tricky. Which is why I’m excited to share my tips and tricks for how to nail the monochromatic look every time. And it just so happens this whole looks is less than $100. You can’t beat that!


How To Nail The Monochromatic Look

What Is a Monochromatic Look?

You may be wondering what even is a monochromatic look? Simply put, it means you are wearing one color. Some also refer to this look as tonal. But the key to a monochromatic look is that it doesn’t have to be the same shade! For instance, here I opted for two shades of the same color.

How To Nail The Monochromatic Look

How To Choose Your Color

My first tip for a monochromatic look is to choose a color that you look and feel good in. Usually neutrals are best for monochromatic looks. Think black, white, tans, and other light colors. Black is defninitely the easiest if this is your first time trying out the monochromatic look.

Here I opted for this pretty salmon color. While the tank top is one shade darker than the skirt, they are within the same tone and play off each other nicely. If one color is more on the bold or jewel tone side, while the other is a pastel, the look may get a little wild.


Since this look felt bright and airy, I opted for a white block heel. You could also do a light tan color too. Anything that won’t be distracting. Drape a denim jacket over your shoulders for an effortlessly, cool vibe. Finally, I went with a straw bag to give the look texture while also bringing a summertime feel. If you haven’t picked up a straw bag for spring, I can’t recommend one enough. It’s truly a spring wardrobe essential.


How To Nail The Monochromatic Look

Another tip for achieving a well dressed monochromatic, or tonal, look is to mix textures. For instance. You could opt for white jeans and then pair it with a chunky white sweater. Add a neutral shoe and you’re ready to walk out the door!

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All photos were taken by KVC Photography. Check her out on instagram @kvcphotography.

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