Top Ten Favorites from March

3 April |

I think March was the quickest month I’ve experienced in a long time. I feel like it was literally just yesterday that we were packing for Charleston and here we are already in the month of April. I thought it would be fun to share what the top ten purchases made were from the month of March. This is the month that started spring throughout my feed and I love your selections of what you enjoyed the most!

As a reminder, here is how I see all this information regarding data and what you are shopping the most:

I’m an affiliate influencer with rewardStyle. This means that if you click on any of my links that take you to products on my site, 90% of them are affiliate links that are tracking to see if a purchase was made through your click. If someone makes a purchase, then I get a small percentage of the total price of the purchase. Same is true for most other bloggers and influencers you follow.

On the backend, I can only see what the driving item is that got you to the retailer. I cannot see what other items were purchased, nor can I see who made the purchase. For example, if you click on this link (striped sweater from Old Navy) and you purchase this item plus three other items. I will only be able to see that a purchase was made and the striped sweater is what got you from my website to the retailers website.

I also use this information to understand what items you guys are liking and buying. If I am constantly linking to products that get hundreds of clicks each day, but no purchases are ever made, something is off. Is the price point too high? Is the retailer not trustworthy? I’m using this data to make sure that I am bringing the items you want to see each week! If I see that a cardigan from LOFT sold really well but is now sold out, I’m going to try to find a similar cardigan, buy it and style it so you have another option if you missed out on the first cardigan.

I also appreciate it so much when a purchase is made through my links. Giving credit where it’s due is important. I work incredibly hard to run Loverly Grey. There is a ton of work behind the scenes that goes on to simply share one Instagram post or Blog post. I truly love the work that I do and know that it’s made possible when my followers click through and make purchases through my links. Although this might sometimes be an extra step for you, it costs you nothing but allows me to continue sharing sale alerts and styling tips with you!! Just know that I’m so thankful for you and appreciate when a sale is made via my link!

Now onto the good stuff – The March Top Ten!

old navy jumpsuit -

This was #1!! Green Jumpsuit

Banana Republic Dress 

Straw Tote 

Black Tiered Maxi Dress 

White Sweatshirt Tee

Bow Back Peplum Top

Peplum Cami

Mud Pie Tote

Grey Long Sleeve Dress

White Jeans with Fringe

Which look was your favorite from March? Thank you so much for stopping by and reading today blog post!

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  1. Hi Brittany! I love this post and I love your instagram/blog. I have a quick question about your links. I am a Canadian follower and therefore use the Canadian version of websites like Old Navy, Banana Republic, etc. Is it possible for you to provide Canadian links or does your affiliation only work with the US sites? I want to be able to support your work but paying in US dollars/shipping to a US location doesn’t really make sense when there is a Canadian option.

  2. Literally love you – thanks for being so honest about the backend of blogging. Bought that green jumpsuit and it’s AMAZING!

  3. I didn’t see a price for the grey tote? I believe you have the other straw tote that appears at bottom of this add ? Which do you like best. Tks, Kellie

  4. I bought the top three items. I’m not in your demographic- I’m a 54yr old mother of two young women. I do however love your style and budget friendly options.
    Why not dress your mom every so often?

  5. Literally I purchased 6 out of 10 of these! Your picks are the best– cute, AFFORDABLE and can be worn so many ways!