Daddy Daycare – Quarantine Edition

2 April |

Hi friends, Chris here. I hope you are all staying safe during this quarantine and are adjusting accordingly. I know Brittany posted some of my favorite joggers last week and I decided to come on and let y’all know what the rest of my quarantine survival kit looked like.

First things first, let’s discuss our new normal. Most of the work I do can be done in off hours whereas Brittany’s job has to be done during the day. Since we are sheltering in place and social distancing, I have taken on much more daddy daycare duties. I have never respected child care professionals like teachers, daycare workers, and moms more. By the time bed time gets here, I am genuinely exhausted.

In order to keep my routine as normal as possible, I still wake up early to work out. With no gyms open, I turned our garage into my own mini gym. I picked up a few essentials from Dick’s Sporting Goods, that include bands, medicine ball, resistance loop, and jump rope. When I was training for the Chicago Marathon last year, I came across the Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club apps. The NTC app has been a lifesaver. The app has a variety of free workouts that utilize everything from no equipment to a full gym, and every possible muscle group.

After finishing my workout, Daddy daycare begins. With a mobile toddler, comfort is key. Other than the joggers, I have been relying heavily on these staples: First up is the Lululemon Breath lineup. I have been wearing the short sleeve and long sleeve regularly and they are honestly the softest shirt I own. I know they are expensive, even as they are on sale, but I truly cannot recommend them enough.

The other staples have been the Nike Yoga collection. The collection is currently on sale and I love how comfortable the shirt and shorts are. When the temp drops, I go with the light sweatshirt. The material is designed for yoga so it stretches and breathes well and allows me to stay comfortable while chasing Collins around.

For the guys who are now top users of Zoom, the Nordstrom Spring Sale has you covered. The long time readers will know how big of a fan I am of Mizzen and Main. These button downs are a dry fit stretchy material and are going to get plenty of use for me once social distancing is no longer necessary.

With Brittany being pregnant, we are taking social distancing very seriously and minimizing the amount of time we are outside. For me that means, after I put Collins down, I need to unwind and relax. Now don’t get me wrong, Netflix releasing Tiger King certainly helped. However, let’s be honest, I miss playing golf. To scratch that itch, I ordered a Wellputt putting matt and a Puttout. It isn’t the same as being out on the course but it is pretty close. I have been thoroughly enjoying it and it has been quite addicting.

The last thing I want to recommend to help survive social distancing is a good pair of headphones. I love my wife and daughter but sometimes I just need a little break and these Jabras have been perfect for the job. I also wore them to run the Chicago marathon so know they will hold up for the long run! I am an Audible book fan and have gotten deep into the Mitch Rapp series from Vince Flynn. If you saw the movie “American Assassin” based on the book, I promise it doesn’t do it any kind of justice.

Well I hope this helps your husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers, and sons stay comfortable and sane during the quarantine. Until next time, I’ll see y’all in the stories.

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