Camel Cardigan + Weekly Update

13 January |

Happy Friday! Am I the only one who is screaming TGIF?! This week was very interesting for us. Life has a funny way of telling you when you need to slow down or when the plans you’ve made aren’t as important as you thought.

Chris was traveling for work this week so I was home with Birdie alone. He travels about once a month so we have gotten used to this. However, this week he was gone for the longest work trip yet. Selfishly, I always hate when he is gone on work trips. zi just love when my person is home with me 🙂

If you follow me on Instagram you know that Birdie had an unexpected surgery on Tuesday. Her stomach bloated, which is common in deep chested dogs. Thankfully she was at Puppy Haven and they noticed something wasn’t right with her and called me immediately. They continued to monitor her but knew that the way she was acting was more serious and they took her to the vet. Thankfully the vet was able to give her medicine for the bloat and the extra air in her stomach was released. They recommend doing a surgery that attached her stomach to her inside wall and needed to do that right away so that her stomach doesn’t flip in the future.

You can only imagine what I was thinking when I got that call. Everything happened so quickly and I was just praying that she was going to be okay. The surgery went really well and they expect her to make a full recovery. She had to spend the first night at the ER vet so they could monitor her. She was able to come home on Wednesday night and been recovering ever since.

So my week has been slightly pushed around. I had lots of things planned that I needed to get done. Sometimes you just have to be okay with not keeping to your schedule. I’ve put all my energy into taking care of B to make sure she heels properly (they say the first five days are the most critical). So no, I did not finish the blog post with my goals for 2017…..I know we are a full 2 weeks into the new year, ha! And you know, i’m okay with that – sometimes you just have to be.

We truly appreciate you guys for praying and thinking about Birdie. It means so much to me that y’all care about her and her recovery!

In other news….I do have a pretty camel cardigan that I want to tell y’all about!

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Camel Cardigan \\ Similar Lace Dress \\ Booties \\ Louis Vuitton \\ Necklace \\ Earrings

I purchased this camel sweater back in the fall and have been wearing it nonstop since. You can do so much with it! One of my favorite ways to style it is over a shift dress. Today i’ve paired it with booties, but you could wear pumps and it would be a great outfit for work.

This lace dress is from Francesca’s and is unfortunately not available online. I have found a few similar options here and here. You can also recreate this look with your favorite shift dress. I will link a few other options for you below!

Back to the booties real quick…these Nine West ones are my absolute favorite right now! I just found them fully stocked for under $40 here. If you have been eyeing them, now is the time to grab them!

Additional options to re-create this look:

Photos by: Paige Molina

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