Work Wear Wednesday

3 January |

Work Wear Wednesday -

I’m starting off 2018 with another Work Wear Wednesday series. I did this several times last year and got tons of great feedback from y’all. A lot of you guys started following me originally because of my work wear tips. This is one area of fashion that I love so I’m excited to share a new look with you each week!

Most of the looks that I will be sharing will fall under the business casual category. I will seldomly share business professional looks but that won’t be the norm. I would like to think that my business looks can transfer across several different job categories. If your line of work wears business attire of any form, (except for a uniform) I am here to help!

For today’s look I’m sharing my favorite black work pants. I’ve shared them a few times before (here and here) but when I saw they were stocked in all sized, I figured y’all needed to be reminded about them ASAP! These pants are a trouser that has an elastic waistline and pockets on both sides. Let’s just go ahead and stop there and say a special thanks to the Pants God for creating such a great pair of pants for work. Elastic waistband plus pockets?! SIGN. ME. UP.

These trousers are 95% polyester and 5% spandex so they are the best stretchy pants but are still appropriate for the workplace because they look like real trousers. As for sizing, I would say they run true to size. I would also suggest that if you are in between sizes then go up instead of down. I’m wearing XS for reference.

Another huge plus is the price tag. I know some work pants can run up to $100 or more but these ones are only $55! You might even consider purchasing more than one.

Work Wear Wednesday - Work Wear Wednesday - Work Wear Wednesday - Work Wear Wednesday - Work Wear Wednesday -

Today I paired the trousers with a sweater and heels. The sweater I’m wearing is still on sale for $46 and is stocked in all sizes in this oatmeal color. I have on the XS and love the fit. The balloon sleeves are my favorite feature of this sweater because it dresses it up a tad. I’m a huge fan of sweaters with work pants during the winter because it’s so dang cold outside. I’m more cold natured as it is anyway so I would gladly take a sweater with any outfit for work on these chilly days.

If there is one this you should add to your closet from this post (well you should add all of the things but if you can REALLY only pick one) it would be these nude pumps. I kid you not when I tell you that I wear these heels ALL THE TIME. They are classic, they are comfortable and they go with literally everything. I always prefer a nude shoe over other options because I think they make your legs look longer. These pumps run true to size and despite the the 3 3/4 inch heel, they are extremely comfortable! I promise you will love them!!

Work Wear Wednesday - Work Wear Wednesday - Work Wear Wednesday - Work Wear Wednesday - Work Wear Wednesday - Work Wear Wednesday -

As I’m putting together more work looks for each week, I would love to know what you want to see more of. Is there a specific work related event you want to see outfit ideas for? Comment below with your suggestions!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy Wednesday, friends!

Photos by KVC Photography

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  1. Love that you are posting this. I have been searching for a blogger who does business casual attire. Thank you for bringing this back!

  2. Bought these pants a few months ago after reading one of your previous posts. They are my FAVORITE pair of work pants. I wish they came in more colors!

  3. I work from a home office so I don’t have to dress business casual, but I still LOVE these posts! Love these trousers!

  4. Such a cute outfit! I would love to see more outfits like this, especially for the cold weather months of January and February. I am not a huge heel person, so if you have any ideas for outfits with boots, booties, or warmer shoes, that would be great!