The MUST HAVE Razor – Is it Worth it?

The Billie razor has been all the rave on the internet recently and I can finally say that I can see why. A little back story. I’ve been using a men’s razor for as long as I can remember. For whatever reason, I just felt like the one I had worked better than any women’s razor I tried. Just like every other woman on the planet, I hate shaving but I also put the least amount of effort into making sure I had a decent razor. When Billie reached out to me to try the product I was excited to give it a go.

The first huge takeaway for me is that they deliver you new cartridges as often as you need them. So if you shave everyday, they make sure your replacements arrive sooner than if you only shave once a week (bless if that’s you)! The last thing on my mind is remembering to get new razor blades when I’m out and about so know that they will jus show up based off the timeframe I selected makes me very happy!

My first few shaves with it have been great! I feel like that first day shave stays around for longer. Billie also has shaving cream and body lotion that works with the razor to give you the best shave and super soft skin afterwards. I was previously not a user of shaving cream (maybe another problem) but have really loved using theirs alongside my razor!

The price is great at only $9 for the starter kit and then an additional $9 for 4 replacement cartridges that will arrive at the frequency of your choice. Honestly, what’s not to love about that!

I’ll continue to update you as I use my Billie razor but would love your feedback as well! Comment below and let me know if you have tried them!

Today’s post is sponsored by Billie. As always, all opinions are my own. Photos by KVC Photography.


  1. 8.23.19
    Meredith Thompson said:

    Just got mine yesterday and used it this morning and I have to say I can tell a difference. I did not order the shave cream or lotion? what are you thoughts on them? I may get that with my next blade order. I tried the flamingo, it was HORRIBLE, like SO bad.

  2. 8.25.19
    Ally said:

    Have been using Billie since earlier this year & love it! I also don’t like shaving & would never buy the cartridges, so would just use my husband’s haha. Saw an ad for Billie & also loved the timing aspect! The razors are great & the frequency has been perfect

  3. 9.2.19
    Suzanne said:

    I’ve been on the fence about trying razor this for awhile. Thanks for your review and link. I just placed my order.

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