New Year, New You – Getting Healthy in 2019 with Walmart

It’s always so funny to hear people say “New Year, New You” every January 1st. I feel like that saying is a little overrated. It’s easy to say but how often are results of that “New You” really shown. Maybe it should be “New Year, Same You…with a few tweaks”? Obviously that doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it, but you get the point.

Today on the blog, I’m partnering with Walmart to bring you a few ideas that are simple changes to help get you to that “New You” for 2019. This doesn’t just mean a new workout outfit (although that’s a fun option), it means that self care, eating better, adding a 20 minute at home workout to your routine and just generally taking better care of yourself.

I didn’t really think of self care as something that would best fit in this blog post but setting time aside each week to take a long bath, try a new face mask or buying a new set of sheets for your bed are all ways that you can improve who you are. Self care is important and is needed to keep your sanity. Walmart has a ton of great products that won’t break the back to help you take care of yourself. I really like Burt’s Bees products. A few months ago I bought this peach scrub from Walmart and every time I use it (usually about once every week or so) I feel completely renewed. It’s an $8 fix that will make you feel like a new woman!

Another way to improve yourself is by eating healthy. It sounds so easy but it’s actually really hard to do. I know, I know, it’s making a decision to change your lifestyle and once you do that it’s REALLY not THAT hard…But junk food and a quick stop through the drive thru can sometimes be so much more convenient. Let’s top it off with then getting home and sitting on the couch for the rest of the night binging your favorite shows. I’m so guilty of this. Chris and I have been in patterns before where every night we are getting fast food and sitting on the couch until bed time. It’s not healthy but it sure was easy.

I say all this to say that maybe all you need is to make a pact with yourself or your husband or roommate that you will cook dinner 2 or 3 times per week – Chris and I just made this pact with each other. Maybe you already cook but the meals you are making aren’t good for you, so your pact to yourself is going to the grocery store and only buying whats on the outer section and not going down the aisle to the junk food. Or maybe it’s just finding new supplements or snacks to help you not reach for that unhealthy snack. I’ve been loving the Orgain Organic Nutritional Shake in Creamy Chocolate Fudge. I usually start every morning with one of these shakes prior to eating my breakfast. They are delicious and a great way to get 16 grams of protein first thing in the morning. This drink isn’t a meal replacement shake by any means, I just drink it to start off my day with a good source of protein.

The last way I’ll share to help improve yourself for 2019 is to get active! I personally love to walk. Taking Birdie for a few miles each day is something I enjoy. Prior to being pregnant, I was also doing barre classes and enjoyed the results I was seeing as far as muscle growth goes. You could join a gym, hire a personal trainer or buy a few pieces of equipment to do at home workouts. I have friends who swear by the Kayla Itsines Workouts and they are apparently easy to do at home! Walmart has great weight sets, yoga mats and videos you can buy to easily workout in your living room. I have a pair of 3 lb weights that I’ll take with me on walks sometimes to add a little intensity (getting crazy, I know).

I hope these ideas help motivate you to start living the best version of yourself in 2019! It’s never to late to start taking care of YOU!

Thank you for hanging out with me today! This blog post is sponsored by Walmart. As always, all opinions are my own!

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    I just went online and ordered the shorts and top from your site so you get the credit for doing the work. I’m so excited to try out the cute shorts and top. Thanks!

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