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25 March |

Let’s just first start off by saying that I am nowhere close to being a makeup artist. In fact, I just started coloring in my eyebrows 8 months ago…I really don’t know that much about makeup. I do, however, really enjoy looking put together and I think good makeup does just that!

Last weekend I was in a wedding and we had a makeup artist come and do our makeup. A few of the other girls had been raving about this girl, Paula (I know why know!) and they couldn’t wait for her to make their faces beautiful! I was obviously excited to sit down with her for my turn.

Floral Pajamas

When she was done I was stunned! Everything she did looks so amazing. I know it helped that we added false eyelashes and the whole look was very glitz and glam but my makeup didn’t feel heavy and the process was relatively short. Thankfully Paula works at the Nordstrom Perimeter location as the makeup manager. So she oversees all the makeup counters. Which worked in our favor because we got to try a little bit of every brand.

Paula and I exchanged information and on Wednesday I went to Nordstrom for a little visit and makeup lesson for an everyday look with Paula! She showed me what we used at the wedding and then we came up with a plan for everyday wear. The foundation I wore at the wedding was a 24 hour long wear foundation and although it was beautiful in the wedding, it’s not a great every day healthy skin makeup. So we decided on the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation. Okay, I know what you are thinking….Armani makeup? Seriously? I am not one to wear designer everything so adding Armani foundation and Chanel blush to my collection is a little crazy but so far this stuff works. It’s $64 per bottle and feels AMAZING on your face. It’s build-able for additional coverage as needed and I only use a small amount so I think it’s going to last a long time. Plus, the Kardashians are known for wearing this foundation and have you seen their skin?? To apply this foundation I use the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush.

Striped Dress \\ Lip Color 

The whole reason I was so excited to see Paula again was for my brows. Like I mentioned, I only just started filling in my brows and I really didn’t know what I was doing. She used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde on me and OMG this stuff is life changing. It works best if you use the Anastasia Brow Brush and both of those products are only $18 each. I’m still learning how to use it but my two applications so far haven’t been that bad!

Next she told me I needed a brighter concealer under my eyes. I needed something to make my eyes pop just a little bit more. I had no idea the difference this could make. I think my makeup was average to good previously but with a few tricks it’s WAYYYY better! So I am using Chantecaille Le Camouflage Stylo Anti-Fatigue Corrector Pen. After I put this under my eyes, I add a little bit of Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder for an little extra glow!

I’ve never been one to contour my face. Mainly because I just didn’t know how and I figured what I was doing was working. Paula use the Anastasia Contour Kit and showed me a few tips, including a highlight for an everyday look. I’m still playing around with it on my own but I really like it so far! I mentioned Chanel blush earlier and I purchased the Rose blush which actually smells like roses. Maybe that’s one reason I like it so much. It’s amazing….obviously a little expensive but a girl needs to splurge for nice things every once in a while! I bought one brush for all the face powder things and it’s the Bobbi Brown Bronzer brush. It works for contouring, highlighting, adding powder & blush. It’s an invest (which I’m learning all brushes are) but so worth it! To finish off my look I use Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in medium plus. This is the powder I add throughout the day if needed and it smooths out my skin for an even glow.

I do love to try new lip color products so i’m currently trying the Chantecaille Lip Liner in color Discreet. It’s a soft pink/plum color and is perfect to layer under another lipstick. Now I just need to find a pencil sharpener….

If you purchase makeup this weekend from Nordstrom, you can get a free gift from Lancome and the best part is that it’s custom! You choose a bag, then a moisturizer and cleanser duo then either a blush face palette or an eye palette AND you also get a makeup remover and mascara set. All you have to do is spend $39.50 or more!

Paula and I are working on doing a makeup tutorial for y’all soon but this is just a quick glimpse at what new products i’m trying! If you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been using Rodan + Fields Lash Boost on my lashes. It’s an easy application each night and has grown my lashes like crazy over the last few weeks! If you are interested in trying it out, reach out to my friend Alison to get more details! Also, make sure that you follow the steps to become a preferred customer so you can get the best deal! Her website is

You can shop all my makeup at the Shop > My Makeup tab on my blog at all times. You can also see all the product details here:

I would love to know what products you love too! Thanks for stopping by and happy weekend!

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