Loungewear You’ll Want to Live In

22 December |
Loungewear You'll Want to Live In

Each year right around this time I always get the urge to stay in comfy clothes, take on a little less work, and just enjoy what is left of the year. I know I’m not alone in saying that as much as I love dressing up and putting on a chic outfit- if I could only wear one thing forever, it would be loungewear! I put together a complete roundup of all the best loungewear you’ll want to live in!


Loungewear You'll Want to Live In

When it comes to finding good lounge wear it’s all about the fit and the fabric. I personally, can’t resist a ultra soft joggers and oversized sweater combo like this one. I also grab my favorite leggings and sweatshirt combo pretty frequently. Pair either with a cozy slippers or a comfy pair of socks for extra comfort.


Loungewear You'll Want to Live In

Another lounge wear trick of mine it to find and extra cozy top and pair it with stretchy jeans. This way you still feel comfortable but it also checks the box of actually getting dressed for the day, a win in my book! My go-to retailers for cozy favorites are Aerie, Old Navy, Lou and Grey, Target and Nordstrom. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites I think you’ll love below!


Loungewear You'll Want to Live In


If you enjoyed this post, Loungewear You’ll Want to Live In, be sure to check out this post too full of even more lounge wear options!  Feel free to come hang out over on Instagram for daily deals, styled looks and a sprinkle of real life mom moments.

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