His + Her Holiday Gift Ideas with lululemon

19 November |
His + Her Gift Ideas

When it comes to athletic and lounge wear, there isn’t a single retailer that does it better than lululemon. Not only are they size inclusive, but they have a great variety of selection for men and women. It’s the one time when I’m going shopping that Chris says he wants to come too! Trust me when I say, lululemon is a one stop shop for his and hers holiday gift ideas!


His + Her Gift Ideas

I come from an athletic family, but being a mom of two means I have a time deficit. So while I love to play tennis or go on walks, sometimes my daily exercise looks more like a quick at-home work out in the dinning room and chasing my toddler around. With that being said, my lululemon gear (aka my favorite leggings) have seen some miles. But anytime I’ve invested in a pair of leggings or joggers, a sports bra or even just some lounge wear from lululemon, it has held up so well! Not only that, but the pieces are on trend without being trendy. So I’m able to wear them for a long period of time.

When I think about gifting something to someone for the Holidays I always want it to be something special that they may not buy for themselves everyday, while also being practical. lululemon is exactly that! Almost every year I ask for a piece or two of theirs. It’s also my go-to store to give items from for Chris, my brother and my mom and dad too!


His + Her Gift Ideas

Chris has been a long time lover of his lululemon pieces. He loves running and has even ran a few marathons, so he uses a lot of their running gear. I asked him to share his favorite pieces he’s gotten from lululemon in case you need some ideas for your husband, dad or brother! He even asked me to tell you all just how much he loves when he gets lululemon for the holidays, but that may have been a hint for me.


His + Her Gift Ideas

There as so many cute and fun little items that you can grab as stocking stuffers! I don’t know about you guys, but I always forget to grab stocking stuffers and then end up running around last minute trying to find something good, when let’s be real, all the good stuff is gone. I’ve rounded up a ton of items that I already have and use that would fit perfectly into your stocking, below!

Stocking Stuffers for Him + Her

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