I Never Thought I Would Be Obsessed with a Dyson Vacuum – eBay Finds

13 December |


I never thought I would be professing my obsession for a VACUUM cleaner!! Who knew that when I turned 30 I would be so into things like finding the best vacuum?! I’ve heard from several people that Dyson is the way to go when it comes to selecting a vacuum and for the longest time I just didn’t want to spend the money to upgrade from our current vacuum that I thought was doing a great job. Well thanks to eBay, I was able to find the Dyson V7 Animal Cordless stick vacuum on major sale – I’m talking under $300!

As soon as I unpackaged it, I couldn’t even wait to charge it because I wanted to try it out so badly. With two dogs running around all day (one being Birdie and one being Banks, Anna’s dog who comes to work with her each day) there is bound to be dog hair and dust floating around. Let me just tell you, there isn’t one person that I came in contact with over the weekend that I didn’t tell about my new vacuum. I definitely think I have a problem. Or maybe I’m just nesting? Either way, it’s a GOOD one!



I was specifically looking for a vacuum that would help with dog hair, that’s why I went with the Dyson V7 Animal option. Birdie is a Weimaraner and she doesn’t shed a ton but her hair definitely gets on the ground and couches so having a vacuum that will quickly and efficiently pick that up was key.

eBay has several Dyson vacuums available from multiple highly recommended sellers. Their site makes it really easy to filter through the Dyson products to look for exactly what you want. You can sort by style of vacuum, colors, whether you want a bag or not. So many options that it’s easy to find the vacuum that’s right for you.

I would love to know your thoughts on Dyson and if you have any of their products. So far, I’ve been extremely impressed and think they are totally worth the money. Especially when you can find them brand new on eBay!

Linking vacuums from a few top sellers below:


Today’s blog post is sponsored by eBay! As always, all opinions are my own!

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